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Today, enterprises, big or small all over the globe are empowering themselves with the evaluation and integration of technology within the system to cope up with new age demanding situations. As the maturity of Indian software industry is growing to international popular, cloud-based software solutions are in hot vogue and have effectively managed to take over the traditional/offline ERP applications. People are inclined toward online software that they can simply access by means of an internet connection, rather than working with device limitations. Taking into consideration the inclination of entrepreneurs towards the vogue of online applications, the scope of Zenscale is certainly deep-rooted since the company is exclusively dealing with ‘cloud-based business applications’. Zenscale came into being because business owners who understood the challenges of day-to-day business operations decided to come up with their own solutions to make business functions smooth. This is because they feel that the currently available solutions in the market are restrictive in terms of the customization that their business needs. This, in turn, increases the involved expenses. Therefore, Zenscale was created to help business owners productively use their time to grow and scale their businesses. This is made possible by Zenscale taking care of the daily mundane backend work of operations. “We at Zenscale find this extremely empowering – the fact that we are transforming the lives of business owners and creating ease of operation. This is what makes us wake up in the morning and make a difference in our day,” proclaims Amit Jain, Co-Founder & CEO, Zenscale.

Unique Offerings

Zenscale’s unparalleled expertise lies in offering cloud-based ERP solutions including Payroll, Financial Accounting, Production Planning, Material Management, Hotel Management and Project Management that let clients manage their business with just a click. Every solution provided by Zenscale is self-efficient. The company takes great pride in its unique offerings that include ‘Production Planning’ application – one of the rarely available business application that efficiently tracks and streamlines the production flow of the organization; ‘Pay-as-you-Go’ scheme through which clients pay for only those features that they are using and outstanding capacity to proffer i.e. ‘Demo Mode’ which permits to transfer and play with data in a different/practice mode without troubling actual company data. Zenscaleoffers an extremely robust reporting system for quick and accurate analysis.The company also help/guide in the form of Chat Bot, Knowledge Base, Videos, Flow Charts, and Support at every footstep to assist users with how to operate the applications.

The Ludhiana headquartered company builds its forte in providing business management solutions and insights to SMEs. The company helps SMEs to streamline and simplify their day-to-day business processes through its cutting-edge software solutions. The base aim of the company’s development processes is the belief that business owners should not be bound to pay large sums of money and spend time on complicated solutions which currently exists in the market. Zenscale offers amazing business applications at a competitively low cost that SMEs can afford to adopt. “Every company arrives in the market with an aspiration to give a tough competition to similar groups which is purely possible by means of USPs. Similarly, we have our own USPs that are ready to use, fully modular, pay as you go, business solutions by business owners for business owners. These USPs fetch additional self-belief to our brand and representatives every time we introduce/compare our services with others,” adds Amit.

Lending A Helping Hand

Zenscle software has been developed keeping in mind the challenges clients are likely to face in the absence of such a software solution. This way, the company has successfully managed to overcome a gigantic portion of challenges faced by clients including evolution of manual/register work to e-files, easy data access for entrepreneurs/users even while travelling, reduced workload of HR via ‘Self Care Login’, visualization of multi locations data in a single layout, flawless/ streamlined production, verification of losses in assembly line, enhanced inventory tracking and ease of employee payroll management. Today, the company’s clientele boasts of names like New Swan Group, Rinox Railings, Freemans Measures Ltd., Avon Steel Industries (P) Ltd., Oster Group, Satkar Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd., KJ Steel Rolling Mills, Hues Clothing Company (P) Ltd. to name a few.

Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones

A company, even while bestowing high-quality product/services, is ought to face certain challenges in the marketplace. Being a cloud-based solutions provider, Zenscale’s challenge is to persuade people about why to move to the cloud compared to operating via an offline software. This is the case even after presenting meaningful proclamations and evidence. Some stubborn or less tech-friendly clients often deny adopting the latest tech no matter how easy, secure, and affordable the product is. Nevertheless, to overcome this issue, Zenscale present the software with a suitable comparison between an offline ERP software and an online business solution, so the clients can get the intent immediately and precisely.

A Positive Work Environment

Unlike many other companies who treat their employees as just another expense, Zenscale sees its people as most valuable assets. The company adopts various innovative ways to attract and retain them. People at Zenscale are entertained with open, flexible and positive work environment as a result, they explore more and deliver the best of returns. The company also takes initiative in celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and performing productive activities. Alongside, the company policies and employee benefits are simply amazing and treasured by the employees. “Our employees are our most valuable asset! We at Zenscale believe that skills cannot be multiplied if they are kept sealed. Hence, we provide an open working environment to all our employee that motivate them to outdo their abilities in the goodwill of the company,” says Amit.

The Road Ahead!

Most entrepreneurs are investing considerable time in implementing, comprehending, and spending on information technology to incorporate the latest market trends. Zenscale is looking forward to eliminating this hassle that blocks the path of growth. The company is marching forward with a mission to empower businesses to run seamlessly through its easy-to-use, cost-effective and insightful solutions.

By Rashmisree Deb

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