Zelia Quadros: Believes Success is all aboutNever Quit Attitude

Life throws us many challenges which might quite be intolerable making us uncomfortable but when we take a deeper look we find a reason to carry on. If your quest is to emerge as a champion and taste success, then you shouldn’t shy away from the challenges;rather face them with courage and passion. This is because the ingredients for becoming a champion areembedded and encrypted in those pressing challenges. Zelia Quadros, Founder & CEO of Artiligence – a full-service healthcare advertising agency – strongly believes that winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit. Her story is as common as any other women except for the inner drive that led her to come back with a bang as one of the most inspirational women entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry. Zelia embraced motherhood at the peak of her marketing career when she was handling top-notch brands in Indian health segment. She even turned down various subdued roles offered to bounce back post maternity. Zelia didn’t want to compromise on her motherhood and had to prioritize between her family and a demanding career that wanted her to travel extensively. Thus, to spend quality time with her growing son and a newborn baby girl, she quit her dream job as a marketing professional and started freelancing for a creative studio. Scheduling meetings in the afternoon and working in night shifts, she could do justice to both – her cravings towards children, their upbringing and her identity.
A few months later, Zelia found her ‘Aha’ moment when one of her ideas clicked and brought 10 more new clients to the creative studio. This not only made her strong but also gave her the much-needed push to take the leap of starting her own dream venture – Artiligence (her third child). The company was established in the year 2011 with just one employee, a home PC, Zelia down with typhoid and most importantly tonnes of aspiration and ambition. But, slowly and steadily Artiligence grew by length, breadth, and width, by strength and by word of mouth for the distinguished work it was offering in the pharma realm. Zelia and her well-knitted team enhanced the verticals of Artiligence into MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions), as also in the digital domain. Today, the enterprise has grown profoundly into a big family and is at ArtHome (Santacruz), a cool contemporary set-up for creative eccentrics and like-minded folks.
About Zelia’s Brainchild
Artiligence is a full-fledged specialized health and wellness communications agency that brings to table shattering concepts firmly backed by the solid science of the product. As a brand partner, Zelia and her team make sure ofcutting-edge HCP interactions with theeclectic Digital and AV team on board. The company’s proven mettle lies in understanding the ‘Why’ factor which is conveniently forgotten by others in the race. Zelia affirms, “In a segment where all your competitors are talking about the same molecule, you need to shatter the stereotype to matter. We understand the science and we have the ability to express the same creatively. To add on, we know our accountability to catalyze a difference to the society. From research to responsibility, when things are in place, there’s hardly any chance of a ramshackle ladder in your growth prospects.”
As the industry is governed under stringent norms laid down by MCI, DCGI and other regulatory bodies, Artiligence leaves no stone unturned to leave its mark. The need of the hour lies in bringing to table promotional tools that have the power to keep HCPs glued to the brand with the creative communications without compromising on the science of it all. And Artiligence precisely does that for its prospects. “Given, the prospects for us are not the end-users; instead they are the influencers, who take it forward to the patients. Thus the messaging really needs to be strong to surge through the chain and flow in the form of gain in prescriptions. Team Artiligence gets the right mix taking cue from the HCPs, matching the best suited patient profiles for a said molecule bearing in mind the regulatory aspects. Mainline advertising aims to draw eyeballs whereas we as healthcare consultants take the plunge into the anatomy of the eye and then capture the attention of the audience,” she adds.
For instance, when the medical team starts working on a molecule, they dive deeper to get all its facts done starting from the anatomy to the epidemiology of the disease to which the molecule caters to. This is ably accompanied by extensive secondary research, dipstick study with HCPs/patients/caregivers/retailers/FF depending on the brand and its requirement. It’s then taken to the creative team that cracks the hodgepodge of the briefs and renders the science with its out-of-the-world depictions. Artiligence chalks out an all-inclusive plan benefitting all its stakeholders with a wide range of inputs and collaterals. From comprehensive prop detailing to apps to gimmicks to digital platforms, the company encompasses a broad spectrum of communication solutions across all media and platforms under the sun. If the product features aren’t strong, Artiligence goes a step further as a product partner to the client and works closely with their product management team to pen down a strong strategic plan that shall work wonders in the long run.
Zelia’s Journey from Turmoil to Triumph
Zelia began her career with a field job in the year 2000. Her professional life was like that of a retired hurt batsman. Breaks were so frequent that work happened only in breaks. She even suffered from a head injury and was on a year-long sabbatical. The only thing that remainedconstant was and isher never-say-die attitude which made her bounce back with a bang. She pursued her MBA when her son was barely two months old and made her debut again after a hiatus into the pharma world. “I didn’t imagine myself here back then but somewhere I knew that I would make it. I had to learn to be a builder. There was no forefather to guide or take me along. A job was the point. Business was never in my mind. Destiny had different plans possibly to turn me into an entrepreneur. But then I knew that I have all that it takes to be that One”, says proud Zelia.
Zelia with no background in her chosen entrepreneurship, emotionally driven personality, sticking to honesty & integrity and coming from a less qualified middle-class family has not only managed to overcome knowledge and industry understanding barriers but also showed the world how to do business. She firmly believes in being a transparent human being rather than a manipulative one. Work is the only thing that matters toher and she knows that work will speak for itself. The bravest moment for Zelia and her team was how they fought back the sabotage by competitors. Those made her bold and more powerful. Today, the conviction, the integrity, and the work bagged Artiligence the ‘Healthcare Agency of the Year 2017’ at the Big Bang Awards. “I started with the intention to maintain a perfect balance between work and life responsibilities. Now that my children have grown up they understand that they aren’t two but three. Unless your family understands your passion and supports you, the journey is bound to be all the more difficult. It would have definitely been a tough call for my husband to quit his banking career and stand by me in taking Artiligence a notch higher,” asserts Zelia.
A Piece of Advice
Zelia strongly endorses the thought – ‘Being woman is strength’. She will never buy the point of using womanhood or rather misusing it by playing the woman card. And of course, the ‘L’ formula that is ‘Life Long Learning’. She also believes that one should definitely make mistakes. For Zelia, failure is not falling down, it is not getting up again. She adds,“We will grow and reach heights in life; however we should always try to stick to our core values and stay connected to our roots. There is a hidden entrepreneur in each one of us. One just has to wake him/her up from the slumber. Excuses will take us nowhere.”
A Roadmap to the Future
Zelia and her team understand health care, crack shattering concepts and know their responsibilities. Apart from bolstering clientele communications, the team is planning to work in the areas of spreading awareness on health and wellness front. The team is also looking forward to creating a well-informed demography by working pro bono on concerning conditions of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cervical Cancer, Haemophilia and many more.
Key Management:

Zelia Quadros, Founder & CEO

Zelia established Artiligence with an objective of getting art into the world of science and medicines, in the form of holistic communication.

Headquarters: Mumbai


Services: Branding, Scientific Support, Digital Representation and MICE in the healthcare space

Clients: MSD, GSK, Pfizer, Abbott, Danone, AstraZeneca, Roche, Johnson & Johnson and many more major global healthcare heavyweights

Awards: Won three Gold, two Bronze and the most prestigious ‘Healthcare Agency of the Year – 2017’ presented by Big Bang Awards, Bengaluru. Won the Excellence Award for Woman Entrepreneur, 2015 by CCCI.

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