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In the world of computers and technology, we are privileged to enjoy the various benefits of software without even having to strive hard for it. As we advance through its development, we are able to predict the future from our present standpoint.

Mr. Dilip Bagrecha and Mr. Ravi Iyer, colleagues at Infosys became founders of Wishtree Technologies in 2010, ever since they realized their mutual interests for software programming.  Wishtree has development centres in Pune and in Ahmedabad, headquartered in India with an extraordinary record in the implementation of a variety of domains and verticals. The company adopts a customized process and builds engagement models that help suit the needs of their esteemed clients who are often attracted to the engineering expertise of Wishtree and their services.  Mr. Dilip Bagrecha proudly states, “We are willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to make sure that our company delivers quality IT work that helps improve productivity as well as efficiency cost-effectively.”

As the IT industry is strongly inclined to constant change and innovation, one must be well equipped to cope up with the growing trends as well as to keep innovating in newer technologies. The firm believed in this norm and has followed consistently since then for evolving into a well-recognized entitytoday. World Bank, United Nations, and French giant Rexel are among large businesses counting on Wishtree to securely deliver mobile and web solutions and launch new apps. The company started consulting in early 2011 and has won about 30 customers so far. Wishtree partners with MongoDB and AWS (Amazon Web Services) which helps to leverage the benefits of the current technologies into services that they offer to their clients. “As our solutions are made Open Source, it reduces costs to a great extent as well as allows the clients to have better control over the services provided,”points out, Mr. Ravi Iyer.

As an ISO certified company, the firm ensures that their products pass through a tough quality test before being delivered to its prospective clients. This proves that quality is another important factor Wishtree never compromises on, which is clearly evident with the solutions they offer.The company gives high priority to the specifications of its customers and works towards meeting their requirements constructively in a limited timeline and costs. Therefore, it prefers to have a detailed discussion with the customers about their prevailing issues for broad understanding of the same,before getting deeper into a project. Once a solution is evaluated and prepared, the experts at Wishtree explain the nature of the product and how exactly it benefits the organization of the client. Any feedback from the client is seriously taken into consideration and is incorporated wisely for further development of the software. As the products being delivered are made Open Source it helps the clients in acquiring highly productive solutions which are better in quality as well as less in cost.The best application the organization has offered so far is the Minimum viable product (MVP) which is used for testing purposes before moving into taking major risks. Based on the results further implementation will be done.

Mr. RaviIyer says, “We follow an open forum system where any member of our team is free to raise issues or come up with ideas or solutions solely focusing on improving the efficiency of the product.” Some of the platforms the company is well-versed in are Java/ JEE, node.js, MEAN, Python, Open Source Frameworks, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and so on.The solutions that the firm develop are kept up-to-date with the technological version; security is enhanced and latest UI/UX elements are added. Wishtree usually receives positive feedback from its clients for the levels of flexibility it offers and has managed to maintain a strong bond between them. However, the only constraint the company faces currently is the various time zones in which it works with its clients can lead to a communication gap sometimes.

Presently as a young company Wishtree is working towards emerging into a huge enterprise by accepting the constant change, and innovating and adopting newer technologies. The company has already begun its journey through exploring the digital transformation where it stands determined to project its potential services to the world by providing web, mobile and Open Source solutions.

Company name: Wishtree Technologies

Website: http://www.wishtreetech.com

Location: Pune, Ahmedabad

Management: Mr. Dilip Bagrecha and Mr. Ravi Iyer

Description: Wishtree Technologies – Your Technology Partner for Digital Transformation

Quote: “As our solutions are made Open Source, it reduces costs to a great extent as well as allows the clients to have better control over the services provided.”

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