Speculur Technology Solutions: Revolutionizing the Cricketing World with Smart Technology

Having emerged through a protracted journey, nowadays sports observe the fine line between winning and losing, success and failure. This shrinking margin of error in sports is leading players and their squads to hunt out ways to hold an edge over their competitors. Clearly, it’s not enough to have teams performing excellently, as it is not always the most talented team that clinches trophy, but the one that is most healthy. And this is where the sports technology companies step in. Enterprises, big or small are pushing their boundaries to fuse the use of sports with science and technology to minimize injuries and maximize overall performance and transform today’s players into tomorrow’s champions. Amongst the mind-boggling numbers of sports technology professionals, Speculur Technology Solutions is a name worth mentioning.

Speculur Technology Solutions unparalleled expertise lies in developing smart wearables devices for sports industry. Using its exclusive wearable solution, Speculur is bringing best of digital innovation to the world of sports and fitness to help players & coaches improve learning & coaching; to provide advanced analytics from matches & practice sessions to players at all levels; to provide enhanced fan experience by enabling mass broadcasting of advanced statistics & analytics during live matches. “The evolution of Speculur was my dream toinvolve technology with a game that so highly relies on technique. Also,building need for precision in everything including every shot played lead us to incorporate this company. Keen interest in sports, as well as large networks and associates, is the key to entering into this organization,” proclaims Atul Srivastava, Founder & Director, Speculur Technology Solutions.

One Step Ahead of the Game

Gone are the days when the game was played for fun. Today, the young and talented cricketers entertain the crowd in their own fashion. Over the years, the Indian Under-19 (U-19) cricket team has been a part of some matches that have proven to be quite significant in its cricketing history. Way back in the year 2006, players had individual managers and there was a dire need to bring more structure into managing a cricketer. At the time, Atul Srivastava – a sports fanatic – signed the whole of the U-19 Team World Cup winningteam including Virat Kohli. Speculur later expanded its business network& offerings and joined hands with the ICC. In 2010, the enterprise also signed up with the International Cricket Council as the Licensing Partners in India, the middle-east, and the U.S.

Speculur’s dedicated and talented professional team members have introduced ‘Coach Mode’ as an integral part of the product. The coach mode enables the coaches to track his player’s game in real time. He can send back notes to the player about his innings/or practice sessions. He can also set targets for players for different sessions to improve on a certain skill. Features like this is what makes Speculur stand a cut above the rest. The various smart equipment is to record a player flaws in real time and the company will continue to advance the introduction in many other fields too. Speculur envisions these products as a necessity in every sports maniac not just in India but across the globe. Also, in the scheme of sense is the HelmetSense, ShoeSense, and BallSense. Speculur is not just an incredibly advanced sensor which records every pulse of the shot but is a product of negligible size which makes it easy to use. It fits perfectly on top of a cricket bat, without disturbing the weight of the bat or the batsmen having it on. “We try to keep it really simple, so all the cricket playing nations are our key markets. Also, we have a reliable clientele and substantial business alliances in countries like England and Australia,” he adds.

Speculur’s sole aim is to provide tech-savvy tools to every sportsman and believe not just in dreaming but turning into reality by breaking the glass ceiling. Today, 2015 debuted company offers unique solutions across the continuum of verticals, talent management, product licensing, distribution and retail. As part of talent management, the company’s forte lies in managing some of the finest talents like Karun Nair, Manish Pandey, Murali Vijay, Parthiv Patel, David Warner to name a few. Speculur is the sole distributors for brands like Masuri UK &Gray Nicolls in India. The company also owns 40 Adidas retail stores across South India as part of its retail sector.

Embracing Innovation

A product like Speculur requires constant feedback from professional cricketers and certified coaches. The company value and welcome their thoughts which has given it the much-needed push to build up confidence through the course of this journey. The accessibility to these professionals has been easy being in this business for so long. “Our core strength is that we are now over a decade old in this industry. We have not just been part of this sport but have grown along with it. This solves a lot of problems with respect to ideas and resources,” he says.

Marching Forward Victoriously

Speculur follows a unique work atmosphere at their premises. The employees working in the technological sectors are all sports enthusiasts and they enjoy what they are doing. The company also have a rooftop testing laboratory. This is where most of the talents come over as part of its testing process. In a nutshell, if you’re a sports lover, Gaames is the place you have to be in.

The company travelled the distance on the right path so far and has stepped up its business profile steadily. From being a talent management agency to licensing, distribution, retail & now technology, Speculur claims to be the only sports management company that involves all these verticals. Born with a vision to be a 360-degree sports solutions company, Speculur is marching forward victoriously on its way to become one. With a box full of interesting products, Gaames Speculur Technology is making deeper inroads in the world of sports.

By Rashmisree Deb

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