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As we advance through the world of software and technology, there can be hardly any business that is devoid of the software products and its usage. Software industry plays a vital part in the development and maintenance of any organization, today. However, most of the companies face a major drawback in analyzing and selecting the right software that best fits into the necessity of any emerging business. As a solution inventor, SoftwareSuggest, located at Ahmedabad, India, helps organizations in selecting the right software that best fits into their businesses through a software selection system. A software selection system is solely dependable on the data-driven technique from different sources. Through this method, the company is able to organize data to keep the businesses well-informed about the software they choose before they come to any decision of adopting a suitable one. Ankit Dudhwewala states firmly that “Software discovery conducted through data-driven process is highly reliable than driven through reviews or are by referralbased.”

SoftwareSuggest was initially formed by a team of three members which was led by a very first employee who put forth the motto: Innovation leading to learning and competitive advantage. The company followed the dictatorship rule during their early days. However, the system is now made autonomous. They come into play with the development and maintenance of innumerable software solutions being offered to varied businesses in India. Starting from Accounting and Finance to System Software, the company has come up with a countless software services that are inevitably acquired in their corresponding fields. These software packages and platforms are highly supportable, user-friendly, and simple to use.The company’s platform disseminates their services into two ways: to the software buyers and to the software sellers. For, software buyers, SoftwareSuggest aims at providing maximum information which is put in an organized manner for decision making. On the other hand, the software sellers is connected to prospects they have build their software for.

“We have acquired loyal customers who have been constantly willing to utilize our services, which prove our success in the effort to resolve the issues of our clients,” says Ankit. One such scenario was helping Rapidops, a digital product development company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They were looking out for a human resource software that integrates with their in-house system, which had modern UI. After had tried a couple of vendors, Rapidops contacted SoftwareSuggest and wanted to connect them with a trusted vendor. They did not want to depend on hit-and-trial anymore. “We understood their business and technical objectives and connected them to three software vendors including Keka HRMS,” avers Ankit.

The company prepares an in-depth comparison report for understanding the topmost software products developed exclusively for Indian and global businesses which will in turn simplify the process of purchasing. They use Net Promoter Score (NPS) software, which is monitored by a huge team who involve in receiving data via the tool. They even reduce the high time-consuming activities of a company such as feeding data into the excel sheets and maintaining them up-to-date and help to avoid unnecessary complications in the long run through the “Request for Proposal (RFP)” tool. “By incorporating the RFP tool invented by us, it not only helps in requesting for a very detailed quotation for the vendors but also does the comparison of featureseffectively,” states Ankit Dudhwewala.

They focused on the Indian market predominantly and have been expanding globally at its rapid pace. The CEO of the company concludes in a positive note, “In the next 5 years, we see ourselves marking our footprints in the global market which includes the UnitedStates, UnitedKingdom, and the Middle East.”

Company name: SoftwareSuggest


Location: Ahmedabad, India

Management: Mr. Ankit Dudhwewala (Founder)

Description: A business software discovery and recommendation platform

Quote: “Software discovery conducted through data-driven process is highly reliable than driven through reviews or are by referralbased.”

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