Softlink Global: Fostering a Culture of Evolution and Synergy

Softlink Global: Fostering a Culture of Evolution and Synergy

Born in Mumbai, Softlink Global is a proud venture of Mr. Amit Maheshwari – a name synonym to ‘IT in Logistics’. With its roots in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and India & Subcontinent, Softlink has successfully evolved to be an international company that proffers end-to-end technology solutions to the global logistics and supply chain industry. Softlink Global started its operation in the year 2005 but its origin can be traced back to 1992. At a time when computers were just introduced to businesses Mr. Amit Maheshwari, Founder & CEO of Softlink Global designed and developed IMPEX – a solution for simplifying the complex customs processes. Within no time, the software was a big hit in the market. Deep-rooted knowledge of the logistics realm and technological expertise imbibed in its DNA right from the inception, the enterprise delivers superior solutions that simplify operations of international logistics and supply chain. These traits also help the company to acquire new customers and expand its presence across continents. The leading-edge solutions of Softlink remain unbeaten in the global market and are used in every continent across the globe.

Softlink’s business of providing software solutions is guided by its core value and philosophy – ‘Ethically Evolving’. The company promotes clear, accurate and reliable team communication across the organization and efficient channels of communication ensure that employees understand each other and are aligned with the company core values and goals. Softlink has always believed in developing excellent and innovative products through continuous research and development. Softlink’s products have become industry standards and the company continuously works in evolving the solutions to keep them abreast of the needs of the industry, making them future ready. The enterprise’s applications are acclaimed globally for its superiority and the value it delivers to the users.

Breaking the Mundane HR Boundaries

With offices spread across India and overseas, Softlink has a talented pool of around 200 employees. The company has broken the mundane HR policies of having 9 to 5 work culture. Amit understands that it is the work environment that binds a team together and therefore follows no rigid hierarchy where he does not differentiate newbies and experienced professionals. He firmly believes that people come to work because they love their work and have a deep sense of ownership. Softlink believes in the mantra: ‘Mentor – Space – Challenge’. He also believes that people can perform their best when they are continuously mentored, given the space to perform and challenged to deliver their best.

“It is an invigorating environment at Softlink where employees are motivated to invest themselves into their work, fully realizing their role and contribution in the company’s growth. At Softlink we try to accommodate people from different cultural background, keeping in mind their work and dressing habits and make efforts to transcend them. We have defined our internal policies to facilitate a culture where different types of people can thrive and work cooperatively,” affirms Amit.

The company’s HR policies have been pro-people and flexible. Employees are appraised and given feedback on day to day basis. “We understand that to nurture individuality we have to accord a certain degree of flexibility. Conventional appraisals systems are outmoded and hence at Softlink we have formulated a policy on employees’ progress wherein managers make their expectations clear but give space to individuals to work out on how to meet them. Employees are allowed to set their own path and made accountable for their success with the company’s support,” he adds.

Employees Second Home

Softlink has a long history of attracting and retaining the best of talent. The company has become a second home to many of its employees. The senior and middle-level management of the company has been associated with it for over 10 years. The oldest employees of Softlink have been with the company since its inception 25 years back. Women’s safety is of utmost importance and the company is very particular about ensuring the comfort and safety of its women employees. There is a women’s safety policy enforced strictly by the management to monitor and prevent any kind of hazard to the female employees. The HR is empowered to deal strictly with any untoward. The company has always laid emphasis on employees aligning themselves with the company’s vision. Sometimes people may not be able to attune themselves to the company culture and in such cases, Softlink believes in letting the employee go in the best interest of both the employee and company. Amit says, “Employees are motivated to work when the work itself motivates them, when they may find the work satisfying, fulfilling or enjoyable the work itself provides the motivation. We facilitate employees’ self-motivation by making their work more appealing & interesting and empowering them to make work-related decisions on their own and share greater responsibilities.”

Be it success, milestones, birthdays or festivals everyone at Softlink comes together and celebrates as one big family get-together. Major festivals like Christmas, the New Year, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehraand the company annual day are big events and celebrated in great style. It is also used as an opportunity to discover, promote and reward the talents of the employees. The birthday of all employees, a special day in their lives, is also celebrated by the company. Counting several success stories to its name, Softlink will continue to evolve as an organization and deliver applications that will deliver more and more value to its users to help them grow their business. The company is also looking forward to having a global workforce that will bring together the best of talent from the different parts of the world.

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