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Yesteryears have witnessed an eye-popping evolution of the software testing industry paving the path to greener pastures. This breakneck scale of development is keeping both the developers and the testers on their toes, making them to push their boundaries to continuously enhance their skills. Even enterprises, big or small, today needs to keep their eye on the ball to offer best in terms of security and performance. Mirroring the growth of constantly evolving industry since 2015, SkyTesters started off on the right foot with the right team to offer world-class services in QA strategy, test automation and crowd testing, thereby minimizing product cost and accelerating its clients business. Narender Kumar, President & CEO, SkyTesters explains, “Today, testing of product demands different type of intellect, tools and processes. The conventional develop-verify-release method of product delivery is going to become obsolete. We are working with some of amazing customer partners who are ahead of others to recognize this market shift. Conventional QA mindset was proving very costly for such organizations and that’s where we started innovating. We took decision to find and hire only bright engineers with development or DevOps background to work as testers”.

The Differentiating Factor

Nowadays software companies vest their focus on launching next generation products by adapting device mesh, big data, analytics, machine learning and cloud technologies. Businesses are diffusing boundaries between product and services model. This transformation demands for dexterity that are fresh, innovative and complex. While other companies continue to manage existing legacy portfolio of the products which create scale and bandwidth issues for launching of new products, SkyTesters capture a bigger part of the pie of this flourishing business with its in-house trained technical experts to provide innovation-based product engineering services. The company’s automation center of excellence offers a comprehensive range of automation engineering services that are offered either in combination or individually. Goal oriented testing with highly technical resources and heavy investment in training and interaction with customers assist the company to deliver top-notch service to product development companies.

The New Delhi headquartered company’s unparalleled expertise lies in utilizing multiple tools, technologies, processes and best practices to develop truly end-to-end test automation suites. They augment this with matured processes of DevOps, continuous integration/deployment and security model. The enterprise proven mettle also lies in developing its own test management suite to manage projects and keep all artifacts of the test lifecycle, which directly helps the stakeholders to inspect the current state and take necessary actions through inspection and adaptation. In today’s competitive world, customers are always on leading edge to innovative and improve their product faster than their competitors. Thus, to help its clients stay ahead of the game, SkyTesters create winning strategies by assigning the right sized qualified engineers who delve deep into the psyche of its customers to understand their requirements and provide a cost effective solution. Deep ingrained passion and solution driven attitude helps the enterprise to work with some of the most reputed multi-billion dollar companies of healthcare and media realm.

The Glitches

Convincing good architects and developers to pursue testing as a career and educating prospects that quality cannot be delivered by conventional manual testers are the biggest roadblocks that SkyTesters face from their initial years of starting up. Like any other startup, the company too faced the initial glitches of finding and hiring the right talent; but unlike them, it soon went through the roof and developed a team with functional knowledge to serve customer partners in right way. “At this stage, we are competing with our self more than anyone else in testing fraternity. With our services uniquely placed, it’s hard to find such focus elsewhere. We find our self offering more of complimentary service demand of which will grow in coming years,” says Narender.

Making Work Fun

SkyTesters takes great pride in its open, flexible and non-hierarchical work milieu. The company promotes open door policy which shows a landscape of career growth opportunities for its employees to think outside the cubicle and be an individual contributor. This initiative helps the enterprise to create highly functional sub-teams within the group. The organization also make efforts to maintain a healthy balance between ‘difficult-to-hire experts’ with very young talent who are passionate to grow. “It’s a fun place to hang out and innovate. We don’t have any CEO cabin. Every employee including HR and the accountant are qualified engineers. We firmly believe that no individual or business can grow without working for their community. We love to work with various societies and similar minded folks on causes like tree plantation, bringing street kids to mainstream, healthcare of specially enabled kids and more,” adds Narender.

Mapping the Future

SkyTesters’ well-knitted agile team is always in full swing to innovate by adopting newer technologies. With the successful launch of AI and IoT practices, the company envision to become the most preferred testing technology partner to meet digital transformation needs of technology enabled businesses.

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