Shwetha Prasad: Rising up to Every Challenge

What do you call it if someone chooses to let go of a cushy MNC job for a career in a start-up? I would call it an adventure. The start-up atmosphere in 2015 is not as conducive as it is today. So, to let go of a steady career for a start-up is a husky step; more so if you are a woman in a largely male-dominated medium. It’s a step that can make or break your career; nonetheless, Shwetha Prasad was a daredevil.
It is one thing to take the bold step, but to excel at that job takes a whole lot of perseverance and skill. Started off as a core member of the Big Laundry Services Pvt. Ltd, Shwetha at her usual best in her new role. She had been an integral part of the team right from the ideation to implementation, and execution. Her one year had transformed the Big Laundry Services into a profitable organization with 100+ employees. The Big Laundry Services has finally made it big. Her start was good enough but what followed was even better.
An offer to head the operations of a seasoned Digital Marketing Firm, is a momentous step for anyone, especially if you are in your early part of your career. But it is only when you lift above your weight, you gain the strength and that is how you punch your way-up. “Heading both Operations and Marketing of UMM Digital, a leading Design Tech& Digital Agency, at a young age was a challenging task, but that was what brought out the best in me,” says Shwetha.
Did we say she was only 24, then? Yep, a Chief Operational Officer at age of 24.
How cool was that? Two years into the field and she was all set to head the Operations for one of India’s top 10 Digital Marketing companies.
Oh wait, this is the point where we begin to wonder if it is this easy to get out there to pursue our dream and succeed?
I agree not. It’s very comfortable for us to let her success camouflage the efforts that were put in day in, day-out. No matter how affluent one is, no one has it easy peasy.
“Initially, it was only me at the office sending out approaches to the brands, making pitches, taking meetings by myself to try and build a brand; late nights, crazy work hours and what not? That was the most challenging phase and most lonely phase in my life”, says Shwetha. It was only after she paid her dues, the success was made remotely possible.
The Big Turn – Omnia Digital:
It was during her successful stretch with the UMM Digital she made a move that changed her life. Having been instrumental in the success of UMM Digital, she had been a first-hand witness of the real potential of the Digital Realm that was being left untapped.
“Digital marketing has extended the spheres of influence for brands that are trying to get noticed by their audience. Some companies are doing a fantastic job on a digital platform but even now some platforms are still in the denial mode of being away from the digital media and following the rat race of considering conventional mediums of advertising as the main platform of communication.”
The Market is wide open and there was a huge opportunity for people who can drive results with their uncanny marketing techniques, and this is exactly Shwetha’s forte. In partnership with Santhosh Palavesh, a seasoned Entrepreneur, and Technologist, Omnia Digital was founded in 2016; Shwetha, the CEO, and Co-founder.
“Here at Omnia Digital, we channel the modern day marketing, combined with creativity, digital engineering, analytics and technology for such brands,” says Shwetha Prasad, sipping hot coffee in the Omnia Digital’s new office.
A full-fledged Digital Marketing and Advertising agency driven by creativity, backed up by the advanced insights and data analytics, Omnia Digital has become one of the top-25 fastest Digital Marketing companies in India. Their specializations include Branding & Design, Content Marketing, Social Media Management & Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.
It is their approach to the problems thrown at them is what makes them better than the competition. Be it a start-up or a corporate giant, they work with same fervour to understand the psyche of the audience. And this paves the way for customized and brand specific strategies to get the message right to the target audience. With an extremely talented creative and technical team put together by Shwetha herself; the brand aesthetics and data analytics are perfectly taken care of. A slight glance at their website will assert the fact how advanced these folks are in terms of brand communication. One might even feel awed by their case studies.
Barely 2 years old, has Omnia Digital already made name for their brand specific and customized strategies for Digital campaigns to drive results. Today, Omnia Digital is associated with some of the country’s top brands across diverse domains of Education, Fashion, Hospitality, Real Estate and a lot more.
“In the past year, we have grown consistently both in terms of revenue and clients base. Our future blueprints are quite simple; we are looking forward to expand our presence from Chennai and Bangalore to all other cities in the coming years,” says Shwetha with a slight sense of accomplishment.
And that is the beginning of another success story for you. To think that it all started with the daredevilry of one woman with a vision gives a palpable sense of inspiration.
When asked about her journey thus far, the 28-year-old says:
“It all began once I finished my college degree, and two paths opened in front of me – either follow my dad’s footsteps & take up his business or make a name for myself on my own terms”

Most women would have stayed safe in the shadow of their father. Butnot Shwetha.
She decided to take the road that is less followed, and that has made all the difference.
Bravo, girl!

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