ShoppingKart24: Taking local India on a global tour

ShoppingKart24: Taking local India on a global tour

What is a new entrepreneurial journey called in one word? That’s right – a ‘startup’. Gone are those days when it took ages for a person to setup a business and get it up and running. In the era of globalization and digitalization, startups are booming. Now, with that said, are any and all kinds of startups gaining the required eminence? Not really – the crowd accepts only those that are really bridging the gap of problems and solutions.

ShoppingKart24 is one such amazing example of a Startup, that pioneered in 2016 and hit the growing graph instantly. How? Because it hit the bull’s eye – this group envisioned to provide a comprehensive platform for multiple artisans, craftsmen and small-scale vendors to showcase their unique & versatile line of products.

What is ShoppingKart24 all about?

Renowned as India’s largest online shopping portal, this website offers a digital podium for all the local artisans to promote their products. India is known for its heritage and culture, and this website aims at bringing that unique charm of Indian products on the web!

Currently, Shoppingkart24 is the web representor of 1600+ sellers and 10,000+ products on the website. The company also has a good traction of registered customers, 5,000-10,000 visitors/month with 17-20 percent returning visitors.

Hear from the founder

“ is a revolutionary platform collaborating actively on the concept of ‘promoting local artisans and craftsmen’ where the mission is to make an unnoticed brand get a platform to showcase their products. Thus, we aim at delivering the best products with easy-to-shop facilities considering the needs of customers with a quick response. We have added intuitive features to our web portal and mobile application so that we can offer enhanced user experience,” says Prateek B Singh, the proud founder of the awesome startup!

The main idea behind launching Shoppingkart24 was to bring the required platform for those artisans and craftsmen, who have immense talent but are not able to find the right way to showcase it to the world.

The out of the box website is truly a symbol of exclusivity

Apart from creating a user-friendly virtual world for all craftsmen and bringing the local culture of the country accessible to the world, the team of ShoppingKart24 is striving to maintain the consistency. How are they managing to do this? Well, they have quite an interesting concept – the team visits to the rural and remote areas. While on this visit, the team meets the local artisans and offers them the best solutions to promote and sell their products online.

The hospitality has been overwhelming

The team recently visited the Chopta (8000 ft) as well as Chamoli and Ukimath in the state of Uttarakhand. They were delighted by the hospitality offered by the villagers. The craftsmen appreciated the concept of Shoppingkart24 and are now keen to place their products and manage the sale online, all by themselves! Shoppingkart24 also participated in the Karigar Panchayat organized by Khadi Village State Board Jharkhand, which also welcomed around 8000 artisans.

During the visit to the villages of Bihar, the team of Shoppingkart24 had the opportunity to meet a family who was a representation of the true legendary face – ‘Madhubani Art’ Smt Sita Devi and other artisans from Bihar.

After covering Uttarakhand and Bihar, the team of Shoppingkart24, visited Ranchi on 1st July 2018. They received an enormous response in Jharkhand too. Here, they enlightened the NGOs alongwith artisans and craftsmen about the process of handling their own sales through the website.

Apart from covering such cities already, they also met Shri Padamshree Ashok Bhagat (Expert Member Khadi Commission). At the event Karigar Panchayat at Khelgaon Ranchi Jharkhand, the program was inaugurated by Honorable Chief Minister Shri Raghubar Das and were motivated by the speech of Shri Sanjay Seth (Chairman-Khadi State Board Jharkhand), the organizer of Karigar Panchayat. They also heard the vision of Shri Vinay Kumar Saxena Chairman, Khadi Commission.

Today, Shoppingkart24 has collaborated with CIPAM-DIPP (Ministry of Commerce) to promote and enhance the marketability of GI products. The team is currently working on the Uttar Pradesh Government’s ambitious scheme ‘One District One Product (ODOP)’ and are keen on enhancing the marketability of these products too.

Congratulations to the entire team including the artisans and craftsmen for all the success bagged. Kudos to the founders and the team, that promote such an open and flexible culture for all stakeholders.

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