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The digital era has transformed modern finance. Today’s finance leaders need to offer not only Travel and Expense (T&E) tools employees want to use but also get big-picture data analytics to improve the bottom line successfully. Employees are spending more money across more spend categories and using more payment methods than ever before including, credit cards, checks, cash, etc. Additionally, all of these payment methods are likely managed by multiple systems that don’t connect or share data across the organization. So, CFOs and other senior finance leaders should have a better grasp of corporate spend across their organizations. A first step in getting better insight and control over employee spend is to review current travel and expense spending. This can be achieved through a financial transformation movement towards cloud by revisiting travel and expense processes and technology. A Gartner research report recommended companies look outside of ERP systems. T&E is a well-proven example of postmodern ERP in action.

Amongst the mind-boggling numbers of T&E professionals, SAP Concur – India’s leading cloud-based travel-and-expense solution provider – is a name worth mentioning. SAP Concur are the pioneers in bringing the SaaS model to T&E managementand is constantly innovating on the T&E cloud platform to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The company has raised the bar by offering excellent T&E cloud computing services where customers make their air and hotel bookings and upload expenses anywhere, anytime with just an internet connection. They can book travel, approve expense reports, update expense claims and much more with absolute ease. Neeraj Dotel, MD, India & SAARC, SAP Concur, says “Moving to the cloud puts an end to the old system of paper-based receipts and expense claims. When an employee books a trip, whether inside or outside your booking tool, the costs and details can be automatically imported into an expense claim ready for sign off on their return. This efficiency makes everyone’s life easier, saves time and increases productivity.We’re focused on developing simple, intuitive solutions that benefit travel managers and business travelers, which are unparalleled in the world.”

The cloud-based solutions require no hardware, software, maintenance or expensive, time-consuming upgrades, delivering innovation automatically while keeping organizations compliant with government and industry regulations. SAP Concur services offer real-time data backups and strictly adhere to Indian and International Security Standards (ISO). Approving expense reports, updating expense claims and much more is done with absolute ease on SAP Concur’s app. It is a safe means of exchanging business data and carrying out all business transactions related to T&E management. Implementation of the solutions also helps in reducing expense claim processing time by automatically populating expense claim transactions; ensuring that claims are within corporate policy, easy to review and approve; and delivering real-time data for visibility into employee spend.

Offering Best of Both Worlds – Concur Locate & Concur Drive

The Business Travel Show 2017 forecast reveals Duty of Care as one of the top concerns for organizations in managing business travel, along with curbing spends and enforcing compliance. With global uncertainties on the rise, companies face more pressure than ever, to ensure the safety of their travelers. For SAP Concur, traveler safety is the top priority, and the well-knitted team is committed to empowering businesses and travelers to monitor risks and stay safe during times of crisis and uncertainty. ‘Concur Locate’ with Active Monitoring uses SAP Concur data to help enterprises quickly identify and locate employees who may be near an incident, and then communicate with them to determine if they need assistance. The company has added several updates to its traveler safety suite of solutions that reinforce SAP Concur’s status as the industry’s most comprehensive traveler safety solution provider. Concur Locate messaging support is now available in the SAP Concur mobile app, the most deployed T&E app globally with millions of monthly users, making it possible for employees to receive and respond to Concur Locate security messages from within the app. Locate is adding API support, which allows SAP Concur ecosystem partners like Uber for Business to share information that can help quickly identify the location of travelers.

Employees and business travelers commonly use personal and other vehicles while workingand covering the expense of each mile of those trips can add up. ‘Concur Drive’ reduces auto-travel expenses through documentation of actual distance traveled. When mileage is self-reported, inaccuracy and unnecessary spend increases, Concur Drive – a unique distance capture solution – enables organizations to document, report, and reimburse distance driven, improve mileage reporting, and help with compliance, audit readiness, and proactively manage and standardize expense reporting. Concur Drive’s technology reduces self-reported automobile travel expense, empowering organizations to see spending clearly and to manage proactively.

Airbnb &Carzonrent – SAP Concur’s Biggest Achievements

Airbnb – worldwide accommodations leader – has been a valued partner to SAP Concur for years. The connection to Concur TripLink has enabled travelers to stay within company policy while booking lodging directly from Also, Airbnb listings can be viewed directly within Concur Travel. As the only corporate travel solution with Airbnb listings embedded directly in the online booking tool (OBT), clients can now seamlessly search for and view Airbnb listings alongside hotels, including pictures of properties and review ratings which are so crucial to Airbnb customers. In addition to SAP Concur’s valued hotel partners, Airbnb is an increasingly important supplier of accommodations for business travelers. The number of SAP Concur customers are expensing Airbnb stays increased by 42 percent from 2016 to 2017, which includes 63 percent of the company’s Fortune 500 customer base.

Integrating with Carzonrent – India’s first corporate car rental service – is SAP Concur’s step towards pushing boundaries above and beyond to invent ideas keeping its customers one-step ahead of technology and making business travel as smooth as possible. Carzonrent serves more than 600 corporate clients across 39 cities and nine airports in India offering more than ten million trips annually. They are looking forward to passing on this experience to all SAP Concur clients to improve their expense management concerning car rental. Corporate travelers and travel facilitators need only link their SAP Concur profile with their Carzonrent app, to easily view, report and analyze all travel expenses in one place.

Reaching the Pinnacle of Success

The journey so far for SAP Concur has been incredible. The company’s culture always laid on the foundation of innovation and risk-taking. As technology advances, SAP Concur’s product vision evolves to accelerate its business along with its offerings. The company’s primary focus has been, and always will be, its valuable customers. The company put its customer first in everything it does. It continuously strives to build new value for them through its top-notch products and are committed to accelerating their success. “In the last 25 years, we have far surpassed our original aspiration of becoming ‘the painless way to prepare expense reports.’ We’ve taken our customers beyond automation to a completely connected expense, travel, and invoice management solution that grows with them,” concludes Neeraj.

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