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‘If you are not learning something new each day, you are not testing’ is a strong-held belief of an international software testing company called QualiTest. In the late 90’s when most testing firms were focusing their efforts on the impending Y2K bug, QualiTest moved a step further and decided to invest resources into test automation and performance testing and technologies that were just being developed. The bet paid off, and the company cemented its position in the realm and continued expansion of new & old services, technologies and methodologies. Whether people are maintaining a legacy system, modernizing business with digital technologies, or performing bleeding edge work, QualiTest always stands tall, assisting their customers until the end. “We convert clients into partners and display a crystal clear understanding of not just what the customer wants, but also what the customer needs. We accomplish this by transcending beyond mere quality assurance needs in order to focus on business assurance needs,” affirms QualiTest CEO Ayal Zylberman.

Climbing the Ladder of Success

With software at the core of most businesses, the importance and complexity of software testing is growing by leaps and bounds. Enterprises, big or small, realize that defective software can result in lost clients or users, fallen business processes, revenue impacts, security breaches or regulation violation. These risks grow as organizations increase their dependence on software. Therefore, to mitigate these risks, testing and QA have become an essential part of every successful software project. QualiTest burst with pride in offering well-functioning and defect-free software to their esteemed clients without overlooking the critical business context. The company left no stone unturned in designing and delivering cutting-edge QA and software testing solutions backed up with business assurance and in-house supportive tool development.

Founded in the year 1997 with a mission ‘To Test Beyond The Obvious!’, QualiTest seized a laudable reputation by leveraging deep industry-specific understanding with technology-specific competencies and unique testing-focused assets to provide solutions that align with their client’s business context. “Our happy and satisfied clients appreciate that our best-of-breed solutions are amongst the most comprehensive and creative that they have ever experienced while delivering the highest value. Our clients also comment that QualiTest’s solutions have increased their trust in the software they release. This has enabled the company to become their primary software testing and business assurance partner,” adds Ayal. Today, QualiTest stands ahead of the pack, recognized by Nelson Hall as the world’s second largest pure play QA and testing company. QualiTest was also recognized as the only visionary pure play QA and testing service company in the ‘Gartner Magic Quadrant’ for three consecutive years.

Deepen Customer Relationships

Over 75 percent of QualiTest’s engagements are Managed Testing Services. Customers deepen their trust with the enterprise to reap full testing service monitored and evaluated by a predefined Service Level Agreement (SLA) using customer-defined KPI’s. QualiTest has been offering industry-specific solutions to a bigger portion of verticals that includes healthcare IT, telecom, finance, insurance, medical devices, retail, pharma & biotech, e-commerce, education, defense, government, logistics and transportation ‘on time and within budget’. The company also carries out government related works in the U.S., UK and Israel. QualiTest happy clients include Intel, HP, Google, Fujifilm, Philips, Pepsi, Omnitracs, Covéa, Zenith, Unisfair, Camelot, several Israeli banks and many more.

QualiTest goes the extra mile in adopting new trends, tools, technologies and methodologies to cope with the opportunities and challenges that are evolving with time. The company is also addressing new but familiar projects with fresh and innovative approaches as it believes that each customer and project has different needs. “The secret is to take time to initially evaluate the right solution each time to fit each client – in testing, one size doesn’t fit all. Also, it is important to identify testing gaps or incorrect focus early, and to realize that the plan may need to evolve throughout the project,” says Ayal.

Nesting a Flexible Work Milieu

QualiTest’s core of success rests on the pillars of leadership goals that focuses in delivering excellent results, top-notch quality and commitment to deliver highest standard of service in each engagement. The company always believes in nesting an open and supportive work milieu. Over 90 percent of its senior testers and 80 percent of its management team shared a humble beginning as junior testers` with the two decade old company. QualiTest works with different level of testers that include the ‘All-Rounders’ – testers with strong technical skills who know a little of everything, ‘Specialists’ – system veterans from the specialized industry and ‘Managers’ – leaders who rise through the ranks with the potential to become strong project leads. The company seeks long-term career testers who are passionate about QA testing, have clear understanding of testing concepts and tools, and possess good communication skills. The enterprise innovative ‘360 Degree Feedback’ program helps them to plan out career changes that may include a shift towards management or progressing up the management chain.

Embracing Innovation

QualiTest addresses the ever growing software testing industry with a wide spectrum of newer technologies, methodologies and disciplines. The company has recently become involved with GDPR Compliance (a data privacy compliance mandate affecting all European data), AI-based efforts, and upgrading their SAP and cybersecurity offerings. “Our Knowledge & Innovation team always watch out for newer trends and technologies involved for software testing that add to our repertoire, eventually adding new industries, tools, services and techniques to our in-house education and offerings,” says Ayal.

Future Roadmap

With a double-digit growth rate in the mid-to-high twenties over the past few years, QualiTest envisions becoming the world’s largest QA and testing company. The company is also targeting continued growth in Agile DevOps/Continuous Testing, Digital Transformation and IoT Testing (with an emphasis on security).

Ayal Zylberman, CEO

Ayal is a veteran in the field of software testing, specializing in various industries such as military, billing systems, network management, networking, and telephony since 1995. A pioneer in testing automation, Ayal was among the first to implement Mercury’s automated tools. With a passion for quality, he is committed to spreading global practices, such as Keyword Driven Testing, Scrum Based Testing, and more, among QA teams in leading organizations.

With numerous published articles and an active lecture schedule, Ayal is recognized as an expert in the field of quality assurance and testing services worldwide. He holds a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from the Tel-Aviv University, Israel and an M.A. in Economics from Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

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