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Every single software product that is released to the market must go through with quality testing and bug fixing. This typical process is keeping both the developers and the testers on their toes to keep up with latest trends like IoT, cloud, big data and mobile platforms in the testing field. Not surprisingly, this growing industry has laid out a launching ground for many quality assurance solutions providers to have the right blend of software testing capabilities and quality assurance competency to align with technology and practice revolutions. However, several of them, to win the rat race of reaping more revenue, confine themselves to become mere service vendors. But QA Mentor – a leading quality assurance company – on the other hand, goes above and beyond the typical boundaries of a vendor and handholds the customers throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

Entrenched in the year 2010 by Ruslan Desyatnikov – a seasoned veteran with over two decades of experience in quality assurance, quality control, process improvement and software testing – QA Mentor has built its forte in 30 distinct quality assurance testing services. Headquartered in New York, the multi-awards winning company embrace multiple ways to deepen their offerings by delivering avant-garde cost-effective QA services to 260 clients ranging from Fortune 500 to start-ups in 28 different countries covering all time zones. QA Mentor also supports applications in nine different industries. “We established QA Mentor with an objective to mentor and help companies in offering strategic consultations to streamline their QA processes. We soon identified a huge gap within the industry where existing QA services failed to meet the need of software companies in a cost-effective manner. Therefore, we came forward as one-stop shop to provide end-to-end QA services. Today, we deliver first-rate software testing services to companies of any size and business domain,” affirms Ruslan Desyatnikov, Chief Executing Officer, QA Mentor.

QA Mentor’s proven mettle lies in offering plethora of QA services including QA Audit & Process Improvement, QA Automation Tool Expert, QA Performance Engineering & Optimization and Crowdsourcing Testing to name a few. The company’s QA Audit and Process Improvement service help companies or clients to identify deficiencies and broken processes and make ways to improve and optimize their QA team. QA Automation Tool Expert department performs daily research and participates heavily in open source forums and groups. Performance Engineering covers three areas of management that includes service level, capacity management and problem management. CrowdSourced Testing offers companies the opportunity to have their products tested by individuals globally, using different devices, system configurations and networks. With unique products propositions from a crowdsourcing platform with a pool of 12,000 crowdsourced testers to a test management platform, unique and economical services offerings and QA education from e-Learning and corporate training, QA Mentor continues its growth, expansion and footprint around the globe. The ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified company also offers on-demand services that clients use to support and build their projects in cost-effective manner and regression testing execution factory service where the company’s QA experts take the burden off its client’s shoulder by performing regular and consistent full regression tests.

The Silver Lining

Adapting new styles of performing QA, convincing and explaining customers about disciplinary approach for testing were some of the major roadblocks that QA Mentor faced in their initial years of starting up. But, its unique methodology, own proprietary framework, experienced resources and friendly calculator helped them overcome these crunches. QA calculator – first of its kind that allows anyone to look at the prices, different available resources, expertise, years of experiences and more on QA Mentor website. The company provides price 20-25 percent less compared to their competitors. “In our initial years of starting up, we didn’t have too many customers or clients who believed in us. Our on-time delivery of projects fetched us referrals from happy and satisfied clients and we started to grow,” says Desyatnikov. Today, the company has established strong global presence with operations across U.S., UK, France, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, India (Pune and Chennai) and Pakistan. Seven years since its inception, QA Mentor has continuously raised the bar to exceed client’s expectation and added several feathers to its cap. The European Software Testing Award for Leading Vendor for Quality Assurance and Testing Services 2017 and Best Software Testing Services Provider & Excellence Award for Audit Services in US-2017 by TMT-News stands as an August example.

Journey of a Thousand Miles

QA Mentor believes in open and supportive work culture. The company’s well-established R&D department constantly look out for newer tools and technologies entering into the market. The R&D team also evaluate different products and solutions, and participate to establish new methodology. With 25-30 percent year-on-year growth, QA Mentor is planning to forge ahead and establish strong footprints across Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi in India which will provide strategies to local market to support testing.

By Rashmisree Deb

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