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According to ASSOCHAM, the Indian healthcare market is likely to reach $372 billion by 2022 in a threefold growth in value terms. Growing lifestyle diseases, rising demand for affordable healthcare due to increasing healthcare costs, technological advancements, emergence of telemedicine, rapid health insurance penetration, mergers and acquisitions helping to reach untapped markets and government initiatives like tax benefits, incentives and a host of regulatory policies are driving the healthcare market in India.Indian healthcare industry is a highly fragmented and doctor driven industry. Being one of the late adapters to technology, healthcare industry is still struggling with record keeping.Currently many providers are struggling to find experienced analysts who possess the combination of healthcare domain specialization and experience with the vast array of analytics methodologies.

Taking a Step Forward

NimbusClinic has already carved an exceptional niche in an ecosystem for healthcare industry that provides convenience, continuity of care to its users via connected devices and video consults with their own doctors anytime, anywhere. NimbusClinic is an online healthcare platform where you can create your unique health account, video consult with your doctor, book appointments for in Clinic consultation, manage your health records anytime anywhere, and get access to authentic health awareness videos from certified doctors to help you understand and manage your health better. Talking about the inception of NimbusClinic, Dr. Sumeet Aluhwalia said, “While practicing medicine I realized that there are many difficulties which doctors and patients are facing like lack of access to health records, no authentic health education content, low follow up rates and long wait times for the patients. Looking at the vast range of challenges we have, I along with my fellow doctors decided to launch NimbusClinic where we can provide Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management Solutions (PMS) for all the doctors helping them to digitize health records and create unique health accounts for every patient. Along with the EHR, we also provide facility of Audio/Video consultation and authentic health tips videos leading to better follow up rates and compliance.”

Not a Cake Walk

Like every other organization, NimbusClinic’s ride was not so smooth in the beginning. Initially the main challenges for them was to convince doctors to adopt technology to be more efficient and progressive rather than look at technology as a tool only to increase their patient base. Also, doctors in India are resistant to making changes to status quo like maintaining electronic records rather than paper records. “We trained our sales team to be product trainers as well, their job was not only to convince the doctors to come on board but also to ensure that they were using and benefiting from the offerings. We had to do this because doctors are a very busy lot and cannot be approached multiple times. Every doctor is assigned a relationship manager who is just a phone call away,” asserts Dr.Aluhwalia.


India is going to be one of the biggest country for medical tourism globally, and with this there is growing need to connect with patients for consultations both before and after treatments. Paid audio/videoconsultation service will be the need of the hour. The organization is in talks with hospitals, doctors and healthcare professionals in creating this ecosystem through their platform. Dr.Aluhwalia adds, “Now that we have a decent sized doctor base using the platform the acceptance levels have increased, and we are seeing registrations based on referrals because of customer satisfaction. We offer our basic service for free which is an incentive for doctors to try the platform. Although there is growth, the major challenge of catching the busy doctors’ attention and time for an IT product still remains a major challenge.

Phenomenal Growth

NimbusClinic has grown leaps and bounds in providing solutions to doctors and patients. For doctors and hospitals, they provide a complete practice management solution which includes appointment bookings, paid audio/video consultations for Indian and international patients, electronic health records, e-prescription, analytical reports for business performance, connected devices for remote monitoring, and a facility to manage the digital marketing initiatives of hospitals & clinics. The company provides video consultation packages and personalized video content to the patients based on their health profiles. It also provides options to upload reports, record vitals and connect medical devices for seamless record keeping and remote monitoring.

NimbusClinic has more than 5000 doctors registered across more than 200 cities in India. Their current users refer most of the doctors registered on the company’s platform. They have been recently recognized as 20 Most Promising mHealth Tech Solution Providers Companies in India 2018.

The Culture that makes Difference

NimbusClinic is a start up that believes in steady growth and continuous innovation. They also believe in a lean team with freedom and accountability for every member. Their work culture is very employee friendly and provides flexibility of working hours. Dr.Aluhwalia, says, “We make sure that everyone in our organization is given ample opportunities to grow professionally.”

Offering Uniqueness

Digital health program for organizations is one of the other domains NimbusClinic has trodden into. They have created a health ecosystem which is not only limited to getting reports or visiting doctors. It looks after the overall well-being of the corporates &educational institutes. They start with screening the employees/students and analyzing the health of the organization. The screenings give an insight into the health of people in an organization and help identify problems such as hypertension, mental stress and anxiety at earlier stages. Once they have the analytical report, NimbusClinic provide them health education videos specific to their problems so that they understand the problems they are facing, what needs to be done and if they ignore this issue, what kind of complications they can land in. NimbusClinic also provides discounted video consultation packages for the corporates.

Mapping the Future

The company aspires to capture the entire healthcare industry by continuing to enhance their software and products. The company plans on creating more focused sales and marketing strategy to target not just private doctors but also mid-sized hospitals. NimbusClinic aims to incorporate health bots into the institutions and corporates they do screenings for.Those health bots would take care of basic level investigation of all patients. It would connect them to doctors through video consultation and recommends health education videos as well.

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