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“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs,” so said Farrah Gray, an American businessperson, investor, author, columnist, and motivational speaker. This precisely reflects the entrepreneurial journey of Ankit Jain, Founder & CEO, MyOperator who conceived the idea of setting up his own venture during his college days where he got to meet entrepreneurs from different sectors. A spark of interest in voice communication and voice-based technology was further fueled when he joined an incubator startup. With deeply ingrained passion, constant innovation and the much-needed push by friends and family has turned his childhood dream come true in the avatar of MyOperator. “Businesses had other mediums like emails, and chat to communicate with customers and within the team. A quick, call-based communication software was missing from the industry or was a complex one. I realized the importance of voice communication and since then I decided to start my own venture which will cater to the business problems,” says Ankit.

Debuted in the year 2013, MyOperator is a cloud-based call management system that provides call optimization solutions for businesses. Being a SAAS product, it does not require any hardware or software installation. It provides a complete analytical report of all the calls received by a business, both department, and user wise. This helps analyze the call performance of the business. The bootstrapped company has raised the bar to a newer height by providing a gamut of features to SMEs and SMBs. India being an emerging economy outnumbers the SMEs in India. SME are adopting new technology to grow their business. It is not one feature which SMB asks for it is the pool of services they demand.

Niche Offerings

The company takes pride in offering IVR System, Cloud EPABX, Call Tracking, Call Recording and Remarketing features to SMEs and SMBs. IVR Systems – It projects your company as big and professional which in turn helps improve your brand value and recognition. It also extends the reach of your business 24×7 and routes calls to the right departments for a faster point resolution. Cloud EPABX – It doesn’t require any hardware or software installation. This helps save installation and additional infrastructural costs required while scaling up. Also, it allows you to work anywhere and anytime. Call Tracking – All your phone calls, be it the ones you made, received or missed are tracked. This not only helps you upgrade your customer experience but also ensures that not a single prospect is ever lost. Call Recording – It helps in training your employees wherein they learn and understand real customer cases. It further helps improve business’ efficiency by giving an overall picture of how the organization is functioning both internally and externally and Remarketing – It helps in retargeting those customers who showed interest in your website or product previously. Facebook and SMS remarketing are the ways that MyOperator offers to help you reconnect with your callers and serve repeat purchase. “The simplicity of the product is the key differentiator for MyOperator from its competitors. We regularly optimize our product which not only helps you receive and make calls but allows you to manage calls,” proudly proclaims Ankit.

Offering Uniqueness

MyOperator, the whole product highlight features that include live call transfer, remarketing, and mobile app. Live Call Transfer – Customers are more content if their issues are addressed immediately. Live call transfer plays a significant role in efficient customer service and quick resolution of any other customer queries. It enables one agent to transfer the call to another agent without disconnecting the call. This reduces waiting time for the customer and enhances customer experience. Remarketing – It is of utmost importance to reach to potential customers as well as existing customers. Remarketing help businesses inform their customers about the various offers, new product features, and more. It also allows businesses to remarket their products to the lost clients through bulk SMS, Facebook advertisements, and more. Mobile App –MyOperator App provides an end-to-end call tracking solution that gives a summary of all the business calls and analyzes team’s performance on calls. It helps is tracking call communication anywhere. The App is available on Android platform.

Not a Cake Walk

Akin to startups in every vertical, MyOperator too faced the initial crunches of raising funds to build software and making people believe in the idea of voice communication. Selling the product to the customers was also a big challenge. But support from family and friends both monetarily and emotionally helped them to overcome these glitches. MyOperator software is a simple tool which can be used within the time frame of 15 minutes without any hassle. It takes 30 seconds to setup the software. Moreover, its support system is available 24×7 to resolve the issue. At the same time, its upturn server ratio is 99.99 percent.

Lending a Helping Hand

Getting the first client is always a great moment for any entrepreneur. That goes for MyOperator as well. The company followed the traditional process of cold calling to get its first client, with a basic presentation to showcase to the potential clients. Now the major chunk of sale happens over the call. The company has a dedicated sales team to connect with the potential clients by giving them a demo of the software. With a CAGR growth of 100 percent year-on-year, MyOperator has succeeded in leaving behind lasting impression amongst its clients.The company’s portfolio of customers ranges across the continuum of sectors. Within the span of four years the company has served more than 3000 clients and managed over 1.5 million calls daily. Its clientele boasts of names from e-Commerce like Lenskart, Snapdeal; Foodtech customers like FoodPanda and even hospitality and travel clients like Travel Triangle, MakeMyTrip, to name a few.

Employees – Pillars of Strength

Ankit strongly believes that employees are one of the key pillars of the company. The freedom to learn and responsibility is the key aspect which attracts talent and keeps them motivated in MyOperator. The company believes in the cultural fit of the person rather than getting only the best of the talent. With the cultural fit, MyOperator provides a platform to each employee to nurture their skills. The team is being motivated by rewarding them with various incentives and awards every month.

MyOperator’s Journey towards Success

With entering its fifth year of operations in the Indian market, MyOperator is expanding geographically and venturing into the international market as well. The company has started its operation in the U.S. market followed by UK. MyOperator is also optimizing its solution for both the Indian and international market. Indian businesses can now utilize ‘click-o-call’ whereas, for U.S. market, the company has added ‘web-call’ as a key feature where businesses can use web for making calls to any mobile number.

By Rashmisree Deb

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