My Journey of Integrating Technology with Education -By Ms. Vidushi Daga, CEO, Clone Futura& Whiz Juniors

Technology is a reality today. Most businesses across the world thrive on use of technology at various levels. Therefore, the more innovative it is, the more it has chances towards finding a solution or a quick fix to the existing problem. It has now become an indispensable part of business as it has helped it grow and magnify it reach to all in no time.

We attempt at bridging the gap between people and technology and amongst people by use of technology itself, whatever be the demand we have a solution for it. With an aim to seamlessly use technology to meet the goal and also serve as an end, our sole aim is to ensure we serve you at any time from sitting anywhere, the key is to have an easy and quick access.

My journey has not been bereft of its challenges which I faced both as a woman and as an entrepreneur but nevertheless to say, it’s been a fulfilling one. Each day I am driven to do better not alone by way to doing something different and unique but making this world a digitally informed place for my children and generations ahead to come. My biggest opportunity lay with the confidence my family had bestowed on my dream, since then there has been no looking back for me.

My journey into the world of technology began with the establishment of my enterprise in 2013, which tried to bring people closer to technology by enabling its reach within their homes. This we tried to do at various levels and age-groups for kids, students, housewives and senior citizens in a bid to help them integrate technology into their business by teaching them the basic nuances. This yes off course came with its own set of challenges as to why would people choose us, how best can we address their needs among others. This initial plunge helped me also understand how we could innovatively use technology to reach out to the other untouched segment which was in dire needs as a result of rapid modernization of Indian schools and their curriculums.

My next big leap was in the year2015 which answered my earlier concerns.We knew the task ahead was an uphill one and to get the people especially students from across schools would be a challenging one, well I can vouch for it being a mother myself. We knew we had to do something different and unique here which no one had attempted to before us but at the same time keeping in mind it had to be interesting and insightful since we were dealing with students here of different age-groups. There were challenges ahead to device an online curriculum which had to keep their learning pace in mind and at the same time draw their attention to enable them to learn and gradually perform. Then came our eureka moment when we launched the only social- gamified tech learning platform which enables students to learn and develop multiple skills in a fun way on their own and present their big ideas to the world. To make it more interesting we included practical projects too which was a culmination of their overall learning. Being a mother I feel responsible that it is our duty to strive for a ‘digitally literate’ world where the future generations are more aware of things around them. The journey has been a fulfilling one for me as it has helped me learn a lot in the process. The way forward is to amalgamate more innovative use of technology to develop courses that would be of interest to a range of students across the country and enable them to learn and develop new skills or enhance their already existing skill set.Yes, the journey is going to be a long one up ahead and I am all geared up for it.

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