Mr. Muhammad Rahimtoola: A leader with self-belief, patience and never quit attitude

Digital solutions are no longer optional. Enterprises, big and small, must embed a digital-first approach into every aspect of the business if they expect to grow and stand out in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. The future of media and technology lies with mobile, and the ability to adapt successfully and correlate products with needed agility is the need of the hour. With most viewing time spent on mobile, media outlets must prepare timely for this distribution channel in order to remain functional and available for mass audiences. Sensing the pulse of the industry, Muhammad Rahimtoola (Executive Director) launched his company 24 World in the year 2010. 24 World is a digital agency popularly known for its ‘brand-centric’ approach. The agency provides holistic solutions for clients coming onto the digital arena and its proven mettle lies in developing best in class solutions alongside branding outputs and creative overlay. 24 World creates winning strategies for clients by drawing up excellent business plans and helping them to reach out to their potential customers. It creates a responsive platform for them, so they are able to make a lasting impression on their customers. The agency also optimizes products thereby improving ranking and listing for business purposes.

24 World provides a strong technology backbone for supporting the ever-increasing need of a presence on varied forums. The company has not only stood the test of time but also built a number of digital brands over the past four years. It has made inroads in the industry and has built a prestigious client base that includes United Bank Limited, NIB Bank, EFU Life Assurance, Jubilee Life Insurance, Adamjee Life, and TPL Holdings Limited. He was responsible for launch of one of the first mobile banking applications from Pakistan, UBL NetBanking in 2013 and the first corporate Life Insurance Application EFU Life PlanIT in 2014. “I started with the television media industry and worked in various areas that include copywriting, direction, production, and programming. All of this involved a lot of creativity and out of the box thinking, hence it has driven me to go further ahead and propel ideation and output. My experience with media and given that the future lied with digital were the key points in launching the firm,” affirms Rahimtoola. Under his esteemed leadership, the company has grown profoundly from providing simple service end solutions to partnering with firms and clients in propagating experiences and growth.

Rahimtoola also founded ScoreLine – Cricketing Publication – in 2015 which comes in form of a bi-monthly print (magazine) edition and also has a digital portal running actively catering to the sport from Pakistan and abroad. In the process of launching a Video Portal for start of January which will cater to entertainment content from Pakistan for local and international audiences.

Family – The Strongest Support System

Family plays a crucial role in an individual’s life. It provides the backbone and support to structured living and is most definitely a blessing for those who are entailed with it. Akin to startups in every vertical, Rahimtoola too faced the initial crunches of managing resources effectively along with ensuring growth and channelizing of revenues towards stability. But support from family helped him to overcome these glitches. “My father was a medical practitioner who remained active in the clinical and teaching front. He served as Professor of Medicine for many years and led by example for many individuals who went onto establish institutions, bodies and lead in their careers respectively,” he adds.

Think, Learn & Succeed

Rahimtoola firmly believes that experiences are built around failures and success. They are also a part of the experimentation process and unless one is eager to learn and drive further, he/she cannot move beyond a certain level of growth and success. He strongly endorses the thought – ‘Believe in yourself, be honest with yourself and to your work ethics. Stay determined and strive with patience.’ For him, work and life are two correlated functions and affairs. They cannot be isolated and are mutually linked to one another. With the world getting smaller and smarter as technology instills methods and ways of adapting to life on earth and creating maximum efficiency, Rahimtoola as an entrepreneur is future-ready by adapting to times ahead and innovating as per changes to follow in various aspects of media and its outlets.

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