Mrs. Divya Purushotham – Nutritionist

Proper diet is a key stone of great health and happiness. Only a Qualified Nutritionist can serve as a perfect pathfinder of the diet plan which courtship one’s body. Grasping and applying nutritional knowledge and expertise to all vista of healthcare is extremely significant for a Nutritionist in order to provide appropriate counsel, direction and treatment for the melioration of their clients’ health. With people going gaga with weight, depression and stress issues, it’s an immediate need of the hour that people get hold of their lives now.
Mrs. Divya. K. Purushotham, Founder & Chief Nutritionist of Sano Holistic Nutrition Clinic started teaching and training young aspiring Nutritionists to choose health at a bigger picture and correct dietary plans for the physical, mental and social welfare of the society. ‘Everybody comes to a point where they want to start something new, something of their own, to get up in the big leagues. Similarly, after gaining the experience I felt necessary, I decided to open this company to fulfill my broader goals and to serve this country in my field of interest.’-says Mrs. Divya. At the end of the day, her company gives her the satisfaction and peace she requires to progress through every day. With time, Sano has emerged as a Lifestyle nutrition expert and helps customer holistically improve their lifestyle, tweaking it for better sustenance.
When asked about USP of her organisation, she said with delight that her company provides customized Nutritional Service according to the needs and goals of their clients. They ensure that their health is priority as they believe health is indeed one’s wealth. All the money one earns cannot be put to use without good health. They implement customized Nutrition planning with 24/7 follow up. They ensure to get into the clients head so that they start thinking and following their nutrition plan with more drive and determination. Sano’s nutritionists are qualified with masters degree and other specialty certifications and are specialized in Renal Nutrition, Cardiac Nutrition, Sports Nutrition to name a few helping to understand multi-dimensional goals of our clients. Their nutrition plans are tailor – made according to the blood chemistry, body composition, medical history, workout schedule, food habits & lifestyle of the clients. They follow –up everyday via messages/calls, maintaining a close relationship with all their clients for their comfort and trust. They treat all the clients equally irrespective of their economic status in the society. They conduct lung function/capacity tests called Power Breathe tests, give exercise guidelines/programs to clients and if required connect them with qualified trainers/coaches. Mrs. Divya aims at running the nutrition departments in hospitals. She wants to make an impact in schools, change the perceptions of fitness professionals and finally make health & nutrition accessible to all.
Mrs.Divya says she has always been a quick learner. She assimilated, observed and associated all that she learnt to different aspects of her life, which made her stand at the pinnacle of her career. The story of rags to riches of Mrs.Veena Kumaravel-her mentor, had inspired her to never give up and always look for solutions for problems arising in life. Her greatest risk was establishing Sano. Building a team was not easy; it took a lot of patience, care and persistent effort to make her team stand where they are today. She almost gave up when she lost her previous Business (franchise) at the age of 22 for no mistake of hers, but it was her mentor, family and friends who pushed her to start this company. She started it with zero employees and clientele. She was the only employee of her company for the first six months. Every time she faced a struggle she questioned herself – ‘do you want to become a diamond which exceptionally went through stress or you want to become a graphite’. Financially it was a strain, which affected her personal life as well. But she endured it and here she stands now. After a year she has 7 employees under her, three branches in Chennai, one branch in Bangalore with added association & tie ups with many sport academies and product development companies. She tasted success as she always believed in herself and her capabilities. She took criticism and kept improving upon it. The many challenges she faced during her journey include hiring Employees, firing a few, opening more branches, co-coordinating the team, making them work as a unit, balancing personal life & career and finally getting time for herself.
As her employees are the ears and face of her company she ensures that every employee’s individuality is preserved because that is their USP. She makes sure that they work according to their strengths, helps them understand why mistakes happen, finds the solution for it and thinks about how it can avoided the next time. Together they pool their collective interests to grow a multi-faceted company.
‘A family is the most important background for any person, be it an entrepreneur or otherwise’-says Mrs.Divya. Her parents, husband, in-laws, brother were all by her side, supporting her decisions and choices in life. She was never stopped or asked to be the “dutiful” daughter in law. Her career was always considered important and she kept gaining more respect as the time passed.
She says follow your dreams, never focus on problems and instead focus on the solutions. The solution is what encourages the feeling of happiness in your body. The solution is what brings light to your life. Whatever you choose to do give your 200% and never find reasons for not pursuing your dreams.

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