Mrs.Dhatri- Striving hard for the benefit of future generations

Is there anything more fun than playing in this world? Pure freedom, where everything is possible and anything goes. In current generation where playing has become so much indoor-Televisions, smart phones, computer games, PS 4 or whatever are making our kids struggle with ailments like obesity, ADHD, compromised immunity, stress, physical fatigue and poor sleep. The jaunty laughs are getting replaced by the jabs of the monitors. In an attempt to create safe and engaging environment, we are raising a device driven generation making hand held devices and computers something more than a necessity.
Mrs.Dhatri-Founder, Snakes and Ladders firmly believes -‘Joy is precious, Joy of children is more precious than anything in one’s life’. When asked about her eureka moment-She said there was never a eureka moment ,snakes and ladder was purely born from need, She saw children playing in the ill-maintained parks that lacked safety and hygiene that urged her to do something for them. She felt, the lack of physical and mental activity in children and chemical adulteration of food products are proving detrimental to a child’s health. That’s when she decided to give them what they really need.
Snakes & Ladders is purely an entertainment Zone for young children which concentrates on physical, mental, social and behavioral development of children which improves cardiovascular fitness, improves balance, coordination and strength; analyzing, creativity; sharing, caring, assists with the development of gross motor and fine motor skills helps to establish connections between different parts of the brain, improves concentration and thinking skills, improves confidence and self-esteem, provides opportunities to develop social skills and make friends, helps to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.-Says Mrs.Dhatri. One can leave his or her child tension-free, among their coequals for a great experience in a safe and secured zone.“Relish u’r kid’s Joy” tag line, clearly indicates that they encourage parents and grandparents to spend some quality time with the child. Snakes & Ladders aim at bringing the old childhood fun and help parents raise a child in the way it should be. Snakes & Ladders also has separate therapy sessions for Autism and other related developmental issues of children.-says Mrs.Dhatri talking about her play space. Play time along with Art & Craft, Drawing, Painting every day, Sessions for differently abled children makes Snakes and ladder unique from other play zones.Snakes & Ladders provides their centers free of cost for orphanages and other social service wings that help children.
Mrs.Dhatri says she has always been a constant learner and holds the belief that no living being is a born builder. The learning process starts as soon as one is destined to be born. She expresses -choosing this type of edutainment itself is a risk in the county like India. When she started this, India was not ready for such a concept. Sources say that almost 90% of Indians do not believe in learn through play concept. They believe in 8 am to 8 pm education systems and want their child (irrespective to their interests) to be an IT professional, engineer, doctor or get a job in government organizations. Things like sports, art, photography, dance etc are considered only as hobby and aren’t considered as careers. Many parents even today think why to spend on play. Even well educated people don’t see this as necessity. Even education is imparted through computers or mobile apps, where a child is made sit for hours together.
Imparting the advantages and spreading awareness has been the toughest and most time consuming task in her experience, says Mrs.Dhatri.
As an Entrepreneur, her inner strength and her commitment kept her going in her hard times. Every challenge she faced made her stronger over time.
“I always believed in my strengths and worked hard but never thought the hard work pays me in this way. Yet there are many lengths to be traversed and many hurdles to cross. Every passing moment teaches me a lesson. I definitely am aware that I am better –both as a person and an entrepreneur, than when I started my career”-she adds.

Mrs.Dhatri shows a great deal of respect for her parents who taught her everything. She says being balanced in challenging situations and Social responsibility are the two main qualities of them that she has always admired and shall continue to follow. She considers herself blessed to have such a supportive husband and in-laws, who played a vital role in her success. Her inspiration comes from everyone who works hard to reach their goal and who thinks that their deeds should be helpful for others, who are socially responsible.
Practice and preach is something that she learned as a child and uses it regularly to inspire her employees. She utters -One should know what matters most in a business and should induce the vision and the motto in the minds of the staff. Confidence, dedication, Patience, planning, social responsibility will sure take us to the destination. A successful business is one that solves a problem. A successful leader is the one who can identify the problem and solve it. A successful business person is the one who takes advantage of the problem and converts it into an enterprise.

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