Mr. Tanay Kumar: The bright mind behind India’S leading design studio

Technology Widgets had the good fortune to have a round of rapid-fire session with the CEO, Co-founder, and Creative Director of Fractal Ink Design Studio and knew what went in becoming one of the most prominent design studios of the country.

What started Fractal Ink?

Tanay Kumar, the mastermind behind Fractal Ink Design Studio started telling us how four designer friends coming across various junctures in life and the provoking thought that led to the start-up.

Tanay further went on telling how back in 2010 India was welcoming the changes in the online sector and the digital revolution that the country was witnessing.

The only urge to return to India for Tanay was to curate an online design company which is capable of preparing the Indian Brands to be digitally ready. Also, how a brand prospers from an online community, was the second thought which went down in the making of Fractal Ink Design Studios.

Staying in London for quite some time gave Tanay an idea about, how the overseas brands in the West World deal with the digital strategy and at the same time he praises about it as well.

What are the mission and vision for the Indian market scenario?

When asked about what was their plan for the Indian online marketing scenario, he answered that the prime notion was to assist Indian Brands and companies to be digitally advanced and make full use of the country’s online marketing community.

Tanay told that we live in a digital society today where the age of experience matters a lot in every sector. The time is here when a client has become more vocal, demanding, discerning, and above all more aware. To put yourself one step ahead in the game you have to think differently, said Tanay.

Companies have to be more product-centric and evolve around policies that make a customer the heart of a business. To achieve this, a brand has to incorporate unique technologies and craft a customer experience like none other.

To briefly describe what customer experience means to him, he said that it is an experience that every organisation must provide to their clients through each service the organisation is providing.

Fractal Ink was brought up in the scenario for this very purpose where their foremost goal was to be a specialist in the field of designing User Experience, User Interface and other motion graphics like none other in the industry back in the time.

Initial Years:

Founded back in 2010, FI started when four designer friends were chasing a common ethos and a similar goal and vision. Three of the founding members are still in the works to make the brand grow more and cater to the developing client demands which are going to suffice the industry’s needs.

Tanay also introduced us to the founding members by telling the names of the three others who were and still are the backbone of Fractal Ink. Tanay Kumar leads the team along with Priyanka Agarwal who is the COO and Chief Strategy Officer and Geeta Suthar who is COO and Chief Business Officer. Their fourth partner Hemant Suthar husband of Geeta who currently is retired was also one of the founding members for the company making them two designer couples with a shared vision in mind.

Today Fractal Ink is a renowned name for the achievements they have in user interface designs, user interface experience and offer digital design solutions to the clients hailing from several different domains.

Initially, the office started with six people working in a garage like office. The facilities were restricted and limited to a certain extent, but that didn’t bother the intentions which were there in the mind.

Luckily for Fractal Ink, everything went for them. The country was witnessing rapid growth in digital technologies, and everything around was going mobile. The smartphone played such an essential role in everyone’s lives that the use of it spread like wildfire.

The smartphone users demanded a mobile application for almost anything that was there online, and it was a challenge that Fractal Ink readily accepted, said Tanay. But to execute that flawlessly the company understood the client’s behaviour and the business the company is dealing with.

How did Microsoft’s Metro GUI affect the company’s turning point?

FI had to face conflict as soon as Microsoft introduced their GUI known as Metro UI back in 2012. Microsoft was committed to improving its user interface to compete with the likes of Android and iOS. Soon after a sample project, Microsoft collaborated with Fractal Ink for a term of three years retaining six to eight people on an average for the project. During this period Fractal Ink was introduced to a wide range of corporates which were significant in figures and start-ups which were delightful to work with. Tanay also said that across the world user experience was gaining sufficient prominence and working with a massive brand like Microsoft helped them escalate the situation in the country real quick.

The growth factor:

India holds the potential of strong technology literature which is recognized across the world for its intrepidity in software construction. It is reasonably simple to reach and therefore gave firms an edge above the other. All elements being similar, it was design and user experience which stood out as the differentiator. “We realised this and shifted our importance to design and user experience. On 2013, the C suite began growing and was concerned in conversations and better Design aspects took the centre stage.” said Tanay. Combining productivity and technology, FI evolved customer experiences over a period of 3 – 4 years. The brand was soon announced as one of the first organisations in the nation to concentrate on UI/UX perspective, FI developed a mature UX clientele over horizons like Finance and Banking, Entertainment and Media, e-commerce and lifestyle along with solutions for the industry needs.

Fractal Ink has come a long way over a measure of eight years since its inception. Fractal Ink has established themselves as the most prominent names in the design industry. The company plans to spread their branches in Gurgaon and Bangalore in the upcoming days.

Tanay also said that in the recent happenings of late 2016, the company was acquired by Dentsu Aegis Network and renamed to Fractal Ink Design Studio, linked with Isobar.

He further adds that this acquisition is going to open the doors for the company to endeavour even bigger projects now. The projected plans for growth and development of the company is concrete and with the company aggressively showing interest in new age technologies like VR, AI and sound designs to create a level of experience that is truly unmatchable.

We wish Tanay and his team at Fractal Ink all the very best for the time to come and may they continue with what they are doing best in the country right now.

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