Meet Akshata Menon: The Architect of Her Own Success

Every time I come across these successful start-ups, there is this one question that pesters me; how do these people get these businesses ideas? Of course, Regardless of whether it turns out to be a success or not, it is not easy to get those ideas. But do you know that only 1 out of 1000 start-ups makes it through after one year of inception? If it is difficult to get those business ideas and consider it extremely rare to find a successful start-up.
Go, imagine you came up with this brilliant idea and you launched your start-up. Starting a business seems to be the easiest of the lot, anyone can do it, but sustaining it and scaling it is where the real battle starts.
So how do these successful start-up founders do it?
“While hard-work and consumer satisfaction are imperative when you are about to start a venture, it’s equally important to deep dive and understand the market thoroughly. You have to stay in touch with your customers, understand what they feel, as it gives you the right inputs on where you can improve. This will help to ensure you are in the game for long-run” says Akshata Menon, Co-founder of De Space an Interior Design Company specializing in designing highly customized interior design solutions.
When Akshata says, we listen. Yeah, not just because she’s a successful entrepreneur now, it’s because she’s one of those few folks who transformed her passion into a successful business. This year, her venture De Space Interiors has successfully breached 300 clients mark and is all set for expansion.
Akshata, the Artist – The Heart of De Space:
An artist by passion and an architect by profession, Akshata is the heart of De Space Interiors. She leads the Design Process and executes them to perfection.
“I believe I was born to be a designer. Since childhood, I had an interest in space planning. I would keep changing the furniture layout of our house, trying to figure out how I can maximize the space and innovate something from the existing setup. I used to read a lot of magazines/journals that would expose me to the latest designs, space planning techniques etc. Probably all these interests gave me the confidence of pursuing architecture so that I could transform my passion into my profession.” says Akshata when asked about her inclination towards interior designing.
Making a profession out of your passion is easy, the path is straight and simple. But transforming your passion into a profitable business calls for a hard work, a lot of it.
It starts with two:
The relationship between business and art has always been an interesting one. They don’t necessarily gel well but when they do, something really good comes out of it. Need an example? Here you go: De Space Interiors.
Founded in 2010 by Akshata, an Architect, and her husband Dev, a Business Professional, Inception of De Space Interiors is a classic story of serendipity.
“The journey began when we bought our own home in 2009 and Akshata worked on its interiors. People who visited our house talked highly about it and inquired if we would take up their home interiors too. It was then that we decided to start our interior designing firm.” Says Dev. It’s hard to hide brilliance, isn’t it?
And thus born, De Space Interiors.
Success = Falling X Learning:
No matter how passionate you are about your craft, the business part throws a lot of challenges at you, operational, financial and what not? Especially being a niche field that is purely driven by the trust of the clients, Interior designing poses a lot of challenges for budding entrepreneurs.
“We realized and learned that it is extremely difficult to get skilled labour in this industry. There were orders taken, but never fulfilled as per commitments. So we spent a lot of time in getting the right resources, getting people on-board who could relate to our vision of ensuring client satisfaction. While it took some time to get these resources, today we have a team that works towards our vision, giving a lot of strength to the organization” says Akshata when asked about the challenges they’ve faced in the initial days.
The timing of the launch helped too. 2010 marked the shift in the tastes of the new urban couple and their perception of the new home. Interior Designing has slowly gained an air for itself and that brought out a lot of fertile ground for residential Interior designers to plant their foot in.
Customized interior solutions offered a huge potential; even better if you could do it in a pocket-friendly price point. And this is where De Space Interiors thrived, personalized home interiors at an affordable price is their forte and they’ve made quite a name for themselves in Bangalore.
De Space Interiors:
Every house is unique, and every space is special. Space has to be planned perfectly as per the aesthetic requirements and it’s the job of the Interior design firm to extract the best possible result from the space available to them. There are no standard design templates to achieve those desired results. Every project calls for a personalized approach and customized design solutions to plan and execute the space and interior design process.
Seems tough? Not for the folks at De Space Interiors. This is what they have been doing for 9 years. Every project was special and every client was thoroughly satisfied. It’s no mean task to successfully breach the 300 mark when you are in a niche industry as Interior designing. But with its heart in the right place and a subtle mind, De Space is rearing to expand its reach as we read this.
Yes, De Space has scripted its own success story and how?
Perseverance, Planning and Deep Understanding of your Domain, says Akshata Menon, as humble as ever.
Well, we can’t disagree but to thank her for showing how it is done.
More power to you madam!

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