Matrix IBS-Reinforcing Technology within Customer’s Budget

As technologies grow rapidly, the need of elite IT resources to excel in the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) also increases exponentially. The latest approach of cloud computing requires higher level of maintenance and security, ranging from desktops services to helpdesks services and support. Currently, delivering these facilities at a minimal expenditure to yield better results demands enterprise-grade solutions. For 17 years, Matrix IBS has been undauntedly aligning itself with this demand to cater cloud solutions. “The whole idea behind founding the company was to deliver enterprise-level service to the mid-market small enterprises,” says Neely Loring, President and COO, Matrix IBS. This company from Columbia, SC provides cloud computing, hosted exchange server, disaster recovery, managed services, and helpdesk services as solutions.

Cloud is globally accessible, companies operate it extensively and are finding difficult to gather IT resources such as supported operating system, Windows user account with administrator rights, TCP/IP port 27007 for license server, Local area network, Internal firewall, direct communication to the Internet, system backup settings, etc; Matrix emerges as a solution provider to overcome such difficulties by their technology solution covering from desktops to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

With the in-depth knowledge and team of well-trained professionals, this company has the agility to make the most out of the existing infrastructure and modify it to the latest grade without altering the customer’s budget. Matrix provides a completely outsourced network, which includes Infor’s ERP software, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server and peripheral services, such as mobile device synchronization via Blackberry Enterprise Server. They also supply and support server implementation, licensing, security and ongoing management services for enterprise e-Commerce application hosting.

Technology platforms are moving much faster than they ever had before. Greater the technology integrated, the more porous it is. As a result, huge corporations are experiencing security breaches. Matrix offers security solutions regardless of platforms (such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and others) to help their customers alleviate this daunting challenge. They organize and optimize all platforms at one place that are integrated with the servers such as AS400/I-series, P-series and give the customer with a prodigal technology experience and support. “We extend our security services not only on the compute site, but also to the mobile devices,” remarks Loring.

Strategic planning is the most important part in running a business and working it out tactically helps in making a successful company and this is where Matrix excels. Planning from the template they build around to resources they use periodically makes them the most successful company. They has an expert storage team, dealing with the partners, uses the most updated technology to fix the customers’ complication. Alongside, they also offer helpdesk services that integrate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) installations to give developers and businesses an easy way to distribute content to end users with low latency, high data transfer, and no commitments.

Matrix has always been a 100% channel filled operation and continues to focus on the client channel to work with the master agents such as ‘Intelisys’. Upcoming missions of Matrix are to expand their firm nationwide by recruiting talented employees; and the first part of that is expected to be available by 2016 at Phoenix. “We later hire services, hire people, and hire processor around another company and become a full suite of service. Thus, customer just has one contract to sign and phone number to dial and can move on,” concludes Loring.

Company name: Matrix IBS


Location: Columbia, SC

Management: Neely Loring, President and COO

Description: A Provider of Datacenter and Cloud services, hosted exchange server, disaster recovery, managed services, and helpdesk services.

Quote: “The whole idea behind founding the company was to deliver enterprise-level service to the mid-market small enterprises within customers’ budget,”

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