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An American author, Seth Godin once quoted, “Turning your passion into your job is easier than finding a job that matches your passion.” Not surprisingly, it is this ideology that embolden Harish Chandraprakasam – a seasoned veteran – to quench his thirst and kickstart his own company – Malles Automated & Robotic Systems (P) Limited. Backed with deeply ingrained passion and over two decades of experience in Robotics, Harish turned his dream project into a whole new ball game. A spark of interest in working with machines and robots led him to pursue a degree in engineering followed by a Masters in Robotics. After spending ten years in the U.S., Harish thought it’s the right time to bring the education and experience he gained over there to his home country. Prior to setting up his dream venture, Harish sensed not only a dearth of proficient and knowledgeable persons in the field but also a deficiency in providing good customer support for already established machines. This gave him a huge opportunity to create an impact. Therefore, he turned up with an aim to bridge those gaps and bring world-class technology in motion control and automation at a cost-effective price to India, along with good customer support and a quick turnaround time.

The X Factor

Malles Automated & Robotic Systems bring to the table the best of the two products under the same roof. One is ‘Kawasaki Robotics’ which comes from the house of Kawasaki Motorcycles and second is an Indian home-grown robotics company – ‘MCI Robotics’. In addition to this, the 2012 born company offers a plethora of quality products from various manufacturers with the aim of providing its customers the best possible options to choose from. The enterprise proven mettle also lies in its unique way of integrating these machines and different subsystems into one coherent system, which is completely different from what is being done by others in the industry. The systems used by the organization are technologically superior to its competitors who still use traditional methods.

“Our clients are happy to choose us over others because our focus is not just to sell the machine by itself, but to integrate our cost-effective solutions within every organization in a manner calculated to create a long-term and mutually profitable relationship. Our customers are aware that our association enriches both sides and that we are committed to ensuring complete satisfaction with their purchases,” asserts Harish Chandraprakasam, CEO, Malles Automated & Robotic Systems (P) Limited.

Customer-Centric Approach

Perfection in quality, reduced cycle time, lower overheads, increase in production, conservation of materials and efficient use of space are some of the major challenges that clients face. Therefore, they are on continuous lookout for a trusted partner who will help them overcome these glitches. Malles Automated & Robotic Systems always stand tall to hold its clients’ hand till the end. The company’s unique approach starts with several sit-down interactions with them to understand their needs. The team of experienced professionals assess the situation and match the company with the products best suited for their requirements. They also offer customized software tailored uniquely for the clients.

The Hiccups

Hiring talented people with sound knowledge of robotics, or even experienced professionals in different robotic applications, was a challenge. The scarcity of local expertise took a while to sort out. The company had to hire freshers and train them to match up to the standards. Another challenge was sourcing good quality products and accessories for the systems. This has also been resolved primarily through trial and error as the team tried out several options before finally settling on those sources which have proven to be reliable over the years. “When we first started, we were an unknown company. It took a lot of work to convince our first few customers to trust us enough to try us. Once they did though, things became much simpler. We started getting regular repeat orders from clients and through word-of-mouth advertising, other companies started coming to us,” he adds.

Among the several challenges that Malles Automated & Robotic Systems face at the organizational level, hiring and training staff to be industry ready fast enough is the major one. The company has scaled up to over thrice its previous size over the past two years alone. “Ensuring that the people who work for us offer our clients the very best is of crucial importance to us. We are working on this and tweaking our training program to help us cope with the expansion,” he further adds. Malles Automated & Robotic Systems is well positioned among the competition. This is primarily due to the quality of output and technically superior products that they provide. The company holds an edge over the competition as most of them still use traditional methods to automate and integrate robots and other systems. The growth of the company has been most rewarding. Each year, over the past few years, the company have tripled its numbers. This has all been possible due to the hard work of its excellent and dedicated core team as well as the trust and confidence of its esteemed customers who have provided them with some excellent word of mouth marketing.

Great Company Culture

Malles Automated & Robotic Systems look out for and hire people who are passionate about working in this field. The company also encourage its team to keep abreast with the latest developments in the domain and regularly offer them opportunities to do so. Seminars, symposiums, and trainings are all part of its regular work year. The enterprise was born with a vision to revolutionize the way industries function by enabling customized automation and integration across a wide spectrum of robotic applications. Therefore, the company aims to combine its passion for robotics with practical implementation, creating an environment geared towards efficiency and betterment helping companies on their journey to the pinnacle of perfection.

By Rashmisree Deb

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