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A lot can happen over a cup of coffee as it happened with Rohit Khosla, Director of IFIHomes and some of his friends who were looking at doing something unique for Indian market. Informal conversation on security issues faced by their near and dear ones lead to seeding of the idea to start-off a company that will make life simple and secure of people around them. After working on products for over a decade in abroad, Rohit thought it’s the right time to enter the realm of security system to offer safety and security to everyone at home while using environment friendly solar as much as possible. Thus, way back in 2013, Rohit started IFIHomes with a vision and desire to educate society about the products and solution that will help them live a better life. The company’s unparalleled expertise lies in providing unique products that include IP camera with mobile app to remotely view any location of installation, Wi-Fi remote with mobile app and recently launched bulb and alarm that works with Amazon Alexa. Today, the e-Commerce portal is one step ahead of the competition by becoming the only Indian company to be ranked 25th among top 100 companies globally in home security by Feedspot this year and 3rd in Disruptive Smart Home category by Business World last year.

Delivering Excellent Products with a Personal Touch

IFIHomes believes in selling and delivering cent percent quality products along with 10 days of product replacement policy. Therefore, the Bangalore headquartered company have started building up its inventory with Internet and sensor based switches, sensor based light bulbs, solar lights, security alarms, Wi-Fi doorbell and accessories. The online portal also has a wide range of network cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. Majority of IFIHomes products are simple and user-friendly that can be installed with little/basic electrical switch install knowledge. “Every product that goes out of our company has all the support contacts including my personal number. We have been doing this since we launched it. This is a step taken by us to boost the confidence of our valuable customers that we are here to stay and in case they fail to get any response from the technology team, they could directly reach me,” affirms Rohit.

Battles Won Over

Akin to start-ups in every vertical, IFIHomes too faced the initial crunches, but reaching out to its targeted customers and making them aware & understand about the concept was the toughest one. As fortune favors the bold, they overcome these glitches with their creative thinking of using e-Commerce route to reach out their audience. “IFIHomes is majorly into B2C market and we are on continuous look-out at building smart and safe country for all of us. The availability of multiple complex or wired based products and technologies over the last few years has given us the much needed push to choose the option to go wireless and emphasize the idea of DIY (Do it yourself) as part of the education. As the society is evolving and acceptance for digital technology is gaining momentum in India, we are working hard to make it happen,” says Rohit. Today, IFIHomes trustworthy cadre of clients stands out as the enterprise wows some of leading e-Commerce portals that include Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry, eBay and Paytm in B2C market. The company also host its own website www.ifihomes.com. With regards to B2B market, the company is working with multiple builders, like Mantri Builder to create unique technology driven safe and green homes. Climbing the success ladder with 100 percent year-on-year growth, the customer focused organization has built a laudable reputation in the domain.

Future Road Ahead!

Rohit firmly believes that exciting technology and most importantly being a part of the dream to do something new for Indian market keep its team motivated towards delivering highest quality of service in each engagement. He boosts the morale of its employees with open and friendly work milieu. The team is excited about the introduction of Amazon voice assistant in India and looking forward for the launch of Google home. Forging ahead with other plans in pipeline, IFIHomes envisions having at least one product in one crore homes in next two years with a motive to touch everyone’s life in mid home segment.

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