helloGTX-The Profit Multiplier for Travel Agents

As per the market research, Indians prefer buying holiday packages offline because of the assistance and customisation offered by the travel agents. Almost 22 million travellers travelled overseas for leisure trips in 2015, and this number is expected to grow up to 50 million travellers spending almost $50 billion by 2020. This will bear almost 500 million travel queries and will necessitate for about 2 million trained travel professionals. To tailor this need, industries are experimenting on several solutions from Design It Yourself (DIY) packages to market place models. But each model has its own challenges; one model lacks on human interactions and expertise of a consultant, and other have no control over the customer experience. Understanding this gap, Catabatic Technology developed “helloGTX,” a technology platform for travel agents that offers a hybrid solution to travel agents—where customers are instantly connected with in-house expert travel planners who can help them with planning, customising, booking, and selling their holiday packages instantly.

“Our mission is to help travellers buying the tour packages with the use of human skills and technology by enabling travel agency to offer the most customer-centric experience during planning, buying, on the trip, and post-trip,” says Gaurav.

As a technology company, Catabatic has worked with many corporate clients in last 10+ years and helped them to automate their processes as per their requisites and reduced their operational costs. The firm realized that traditional travel agents also need a solution like the other online travel agencies (OTAs) to survive for long period. While working with various travel agencies, helloGTX realized that agencies are open to adopt technology, but the cost of tech ownership is too high for them and more importantly choosing the right technology. With helloGTX, agents can reduce their operational cost and increase their profits in terms of high conversion of leads and low cost of ownership along with best customer experience. “We cater the need of a traveller where they take their own informed decision, but at the same time, they are assisted with the expertise of a travel consultant,” alleges Gaurav.

helloGTX is a Business Intelligence (BI) software that enables travel agents to sell, source, handle payments, and gain more customers. It is developed with a vision to enable travel agents enhance personalized experience of travellers and earn 30% higher ROI from existing resources with the help of technology enablement at affordable cost. helloGTX is a SaaS-based product that is easy to use for any agent without complex processes of any CRM or ERP.

“Our core strength is to provide right information to the travel agent at the right time to enable him to reach their customers with right offerings even before customer approaches them,” tells Gaurav. Here is one such example where helloGTX was successful in helping a travel agency who was serving to only one destination with 11 staff members and was struggling to add new destinations due to high cost of staff training, resource cost, time constraints, and marketing budgets. After introducing helloGTX into their service, the travel agency utilized the power of helloGTX and were all set to open five new sectors within 2 months. Now, they are operating for over six destinations with only 21 staff members.

helloGTX strongly believes that innovation is the key and their whole development approach is based on this. helloGTX is currently working on BI and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and soon expect to find travel agents offering services with the use of BI & AI. Currently, helloGTX is focusing only on Indian market, and in few years, we plan to focus the entire global market. In the near future, helloGTX can be a backbone of travel agencies where every second agent is using helloGTX and acts as a bridge between the travel agents and the travellers. “Our vision is to make a product for travel agents to make them stay alive alongside the OTAs and help travellers to take the right decision to travel with confidence without any last-minute surprises,” extols, Gaurav.

Company name: Catabatic Technology Pvt Ltd

Website: http://hellogtx.com/

Location: Gurgaon, India

Management: Gaurav Kumar Gupta (Founder & Director), Ran Vijay Singh (CTO)

Description: Travel Technology, Travel Process Automation, Technology Service Provider, Travel CRM, Travel ERP, Dynamic Itinerary Creation

Quote: “Sales is about enabling partnerships of mutual growth through consistent deliveries

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