Ganz Security by CBC Americas Corp-Re-conceptualization of Traditional Security by Intelligent Design and Technology

4K, a new resolution standard designed for digital cinema and computer graphics has higher image definition quality, better fast-action, and larger projection surface visibility. But, capturing 4K images and videos and managing them are the biggest challenges that the video surveillance systems (VSSs) are facing. Ganz Security by CBC, headquartered at Cary, NC recently launched CORTROL Central Management Software (CORTROLCMS) to manage better VSS with 4K ready, 64-bit Windows-based software that simply deploy on any network and has Windows 10 and Linux interface capability. The flexible and scalable system allows installing of about thousands of cameras and provides access to CMS from cell phones. It also allows integrating intelligent-based systems such as video content analytics and license plate recognition into a single platform.
Video surveillance, today, is not only the cameras mounted on the corners of premises but also is an intelligent gateway to capture and provide automated tracking system that aid to replace manual monitoring. Manual monitoring of multiple video feeds in an effective manner is quite impossible for a set of human eyes. With an intelligent video analysis technology, VSSs efficiently filter out a massive amount of video data, trace, and analyze moving and static objects in the video feeds. They expeditiously detect abnormal behaviors and generate alarms for monitoring personnel to take appropriate measures. Equipped with all these functionalities, Ganz evolved as a security solution provider to assist consumers with their latest design and technology in integrating intelligent VSS.
The company’s products are equipped with GXi Technology, which maximizes the camera’s surveillance capabilities by bringing an added feature set of Imbedded Intelligence Technology, WDR performance, and edge recording. An Imbedded Intelligence Technology provides intelligent analysis of video with application areas including, people counting, loitering detection, camera tampering, and failure detection. “Our expectation from the commercial or the business aspects is driven predominantly by ourselves and the consumers expecting from day-to-day life,” says Victor Milani, EVP, CBC AMERICAS Corp.
“We design fundamental software with necessary parameters and then modify it according to the requirement of the customers by programming and coding,” adds Milani. As an example, one of the Ganz’s consumers had trouble in their escalator with the fundamental design of surveillance system. An alarm was designed to be triggered when the system would detect any certain object left behind. Oftentimes, despite the alarm, measures were not taken by the staffs considering the object left behind belongs to the maintenance team resulting in damage of the escalator. On slight modification to the code of the application software, the system was redesigned to trigger the alarm whenever any certain object was found to be left behind the escalator. So, the system monitoring staffs took immediate action on the certain objects to avoid damage to the escalator.
CBC focuses to double their business in the next two to three years to penetrate the market in the organic products and a new video product called Ganz ProPak along with CORTROL-software platform. They are also coming up with a newer version of hardware platform called “analog high definition (AHD) system” which is the in-between version of analog and IP system. AHD system gets high-resolution images from the IP with the connectivity of analog technology. “We provide dealers and end users with the latest camera and then blend the updated design and technologies to provide the experience of expected result to our consumers,” concludes Milani.
Company name: Ganz Security by CBC
Location: Cary, NC
Management: Victor Milani, EVP at CBC Americas Corp
Description: Solutions provider for video surveillance system.
Quote: “We design fundamental software with necessary parameters and then modify it according to the requirement of the customers by programming and coding.”

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