Forcam-Driving productivity by Advanced Shop Floor Management across the Globe in Real-Time

When an order is placed for a product with an industrial purpose, the manufacturing unit follows three major processes—Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and Process Control System (PCS). However, integrating and smart management of ERP, MES, and PCS are assiduous tasks to increase productivity that most of the industrial shop floors are facing. FORCAM, headquartered at Ravensburg, Germany emerged as a preferred global technology partner for the application of MES to provide rapid and actionable results for its customers on industrial shop floors through their smart and advanced shop floor management tool.
Smart management in the shop floor is evolved by the revolution of ‘Industry 4.0’, which is also called as digital manufacturing. Digital manufacturing is an important part of integration between PLM and various shop floor applications and equipment to enable the exchange of product-related information between design and the manufacturing groups. FORCAM FORCETM pioneered ‘Industry 4.0 Smart-Factory-Technology’ to monitor and access production components such as machines, robots and test elements, which are all equipped with digital sensors and smart sensors, to enable smart factories. “Our technology is a cloud-capable solution, which enables user to access overall production components across globe in real-time,” says Mohamed Abuali, COO, FORCAM.
FORCAM’s advanced shop floor tool supports better procedures with efficient production for manufacturers like GKN aerospace to reach new conclusions and make better business processes. GKN Aerospace, an independent first tier aerospace supplier, had chosen FORCAM FORCETM to monitor a shop. The shop had all kinds of Computerized Numeric Controls (CNCs) running SAP and other IT system that they wanted to integrate to reduce the cycle time in the production. Once the FORCAM’s technology was deployed in the shop floor, it was able to integrate machines in the shop floor and the systems in real-time and captured Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) data. With the OEE data, plant manager and the president of GKN were able to analysis the production process from their system in real-time and increased the productivity for a set of machines by 20%. Based on this, GKN reduced re-time apart and won a large contract from the Triumph Aerostructures, an Aircraft manufacturing group.
“Monitoring over 50,000 of FORCAM’s critical assets and machines globally today is the core differentiating factor for FORCAM FORCETM,” notes Abuali. FORCAM stands for rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI) and an increase in Return-On-Capital-Employed (ROCE). FORCAM’s advance shop floor management increases the clients’ ROI and also creates a strong partner ecosystem regionally as well as internationally. Their customers benefit from a strong global network of offices and partners in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. Research and development partners include the Fraunhofer Institute and the Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS) at the University of Cincinnati (USA).
FORCAM technology is now hosted on the Amazon Elastic Cloud and as well as on the Microsoft Visual Cloud. They are starting to work with private hosting agency hosted on the cloud to assist Small Medium Enterprises (SME) which lack infrastructures such as servers and networking. By the year 2016, FORCAM plans to allow users to experience a small virtual factory running on their smart phones via Cloud based FORCAM application. New modules are being added viz. energy management module and a special template for special industries like injection mobbing for automotive traceability module to fulfill the organizations requirement. “We target on a new market in the life science and pharmaceutical sectors and make sure the SME harvest the rewards of a cloud system,” concludes Abuali.
Company name: FORCAM
Location: Ravensburg, Germany
Management: Mohamed Abuali, COO, FORCAM FORCETM
Description: Solutions provider for Manufacturing Execution System.
Quote: “Our technology is a cloud-capable solution, which enables to access overall production components across globe in real-time.”

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