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Market research is conducted to gather data related to markets or customers, which is an essential and integral part of many businesses, today. E2E located at New Delhi, India, is a leading service provider that deals in the space of market research and business analytics. E2E, started in 2010 with only a few members initially, has grown up to more than 125 employees in just 7 years, as a consistent provider for various technology services to the world. The team at E2E managed by Rupa Raje and Yogesh Rana has immense knowledge and skillset in adopting different research methodologies through a wide spectrum of technology platforms. The company’s predominant role is to analyze data, develop surveys, portals, dashboards, and inventing and implementing solutions to drive better quality in less time and low cost.

E2E at its rapid growing pace has advanced towards offering new technology products and custom software solutions to customers worldwide through licensed annual subscriptions. Apart from the two, which is the Research as a Service (Raas) and the New Product Development (NPD), E2E also included the Value Added Service (VAS) as a new service offering. This new service covers advanced analysis of data; research made more interesting by building a storyline around it, generating and converting reports into exciting dashboards, etc. Presently, E2E aims at offering mobile solutions as well as offline requirements for their regular market research services.

E2E had come across few challenges that existed in the identification of the quality of data. To keep up with the data standards, E2E has devised a fingerprinting tool which digitally identifies data that is collected through performing fraudulent activities. Chief Managing Director, Rupa Raje, says, “This tool checks multiple points that can hinder appropriate data like spotting speedsters, repeaters etc who take survey for money and respondents that are irrelevant to the research.” E2E with its large technical expertise invents efficient tools and portals which can pull reports in no time. These reports are customized into demographics and other significant data points. “Implementing artificial intelligence is our forthcoming technology solution that assists in getting regular processes done by involving minimal human intervention,”says Yogesh Rana, Chief Operations Director.

E2E has built library and demo tools to showcase solutions offering to resolve any issues of the clients. The company first understands the problem areas of its customers well; thereby, it develops prototypes for the technical solutions being offered with which the client can build upon their projects and processes. Of all products and technology platforms built by E2E, some of them show excessive impact in enabling their client’s research requirements. Brand Manager is one such portal that helps in acquiring reliable data related to brand management. ENSUITEis a library that contains important tools meant for collecting quality data from the respondents. Within ENSUITE, Hotspot exercise allows the respondents to click on the interesting part of a picture where the data are accurately collected as compared to the conventional way of question and answer style. Likewise there are many other products which E2E manages profoundly and successfully.

“Our services are enormous especially coming to providing solutions for persistent problems that can occur in financial industry, mainly the banking sector,” says Rupa Raje. With the evolving complex rules and regulations, banking industry naturally struggles in balancing the day-to-day operations of the bank with profitable profiling of customers and sustaining market share. E2E sets forth marketing campaign for banks and conducts analysis of customers’ loyalty through online channels effectively. This process pulls and validates data for further development and use of the concerned organization.

E2E is determined to carry on its journey at the research space for providing custom solutions to its clients. It keeps up with the current industry trends and fulfills the need for artificial intelligence by investing in hardware as well as software technology. E2E continues to focus on building R&D and software development teams with highly skilled resources for providing optimized solutions to its clients globally.

Company name: E2E Research Services

Website: https://www.e2eresearch.com/

Location: NewDelhi, India

Management: Ms. Rupa Raje (MD)

Description: Solution provider for market research services and large data management

Quote: “Our services are enormous especially coming to providing solutions for persistent problems that can occur in the finacial industry  or any B2B sector”

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