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According to a research, the global ERP software industry is growing by leaps and bounds and is forecasted to increase to a whopping $41.69 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 7.2 percent during the period 2014 – 2020. Unlike in the past when ERP was ‘good to have’, now it has emerged as a marvel tool and is absolutely necessary if the organization intends to compete and grow. Companies that do not use an ERP or a good ERP are at strategic and tactical competitive disadvantage. Such companies will find it hard to survive irrespective of their business model and how good or bad they are with the products and services they offer. Amongst the few mind-boggling numbers of ERP providers who added success stories to their name, e-Centric Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (ECS) is a name worth mentioning. ECS was incepted in the year 2009 with a single aim to develop and promote TUHUND as an ERP that would eventually rise to the level of one of the best ERP solutions in the world. TUHUND is developed and fully owned by ECS Business Software Solutions, a division of ECS. Though the name TUHUND came up much later, the idea of the product was conceptualized in Malaysia in the year 2009. Formal development of TUHUND started in January 2011.

TUHUND – The Ultimate Power of ERP

TUHUND is a very elaborate solution and manages almost every activity of the organization that includes sales, CRM, HRM, accounting, finance, services, installations, warranties, project management, inventory, stocks, assets, procurement, recruitment, payroll, intellectual property management, newsletters, marketing campaigns, crisis management, manufacturing, production, business intelligence and so on. Therefore, the first challenge that TUHUND helps customers overcome is to eliminate the disjoint between various portfolios, duplication of work and rework. TUHUND hits right at the key performance attributes. That is, it shoots up efficiency, cuts down costs, increases capacity, eliminates non-value adding work, increases productivity, reduces wastage, increases reach, reduces risks, improves control and visibility, enables delegation of work and authority, and much more.

TUHUND is a vast and powerful solution backed up by the strong customer support. The support staff is virtually in contact with all the customers round the clock. There are hardly a couple of solutions as elaborate as TUHUND. However, all such solutions are quite complicated and their total cost of ownership is quite high. In most of the cases, TUHUND pays for itself in just a couple of months. The crowded marketplace works to be an advantage as they help to spread awareness. “TUHUND does not limit itself to any specific country. We have been continuously working towards that goal. ECS bills for TUHUND, but it delivers much more. We try and deliver something that cannot even be billed. Our clients are our strength. They are our guides, promoters, and influencers,” asserts Qazi Irfan Mustafa, PMP & CEO, e-Centric Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

ERP is not a product that can be purchased across the counter or on an e-commerce portal. Serious customers do quite a bit of homework and often that means ECS do not have to go to them. The company has a policy that after the demo the team will not bother the customer. They do not even call for follow up. ECS want the prospective customers to search for and evaluate other products too as otherwise, the company will have to explicitly do a comparative analysis for them, which anyway is not quite dependable.

An Incredible Journey So Far

ECS is probably one of the few software companies that have been self-funded throughout. The company started very small with just two people and no money. The organization has repeatedly turned down investment offers from investors, friends, and customers. For the first year and a half, it was only about survival and generating enough sustained recurring revenue that would fund development of TUHUND. Going solo was a cautious and a well-thought decision. The company believed in not doing anything that would one day compel it to give higher priority to profits compared to the product and services. “Our journey could have been very tough, but our strong and clear vision has always made it very easy. Since we have not left many choices for us, we do not get into the difficult situation of making tough choices,” he concludes.

Testimonial –

What Sakho Enterprises Say

When we first implemented Tuhund into our business there was no doubt that this would help us grow exponentially. Our clientele is very happy with our performance and improvement. Our managers have really brought into this system as this makes their life so much easier. We have been into trading business for a long time, as we were worked through manual solutions & had discussions with many ERP Providers, but Tuhund is unquestionably the best ERP solution available in today’s market. Tuhund has given us a competitive edge in the now and ever-changing business world. Tuhund has been highly responsive and has a global approach which has enabled us to match the international standards. We would recommend businesses to implement Tuhund as we highly appreciate their participation in our internal conversations and help us move forward and achieve our goals.

By Rashmisree Deb

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