Dr. Manisha Karmarkar: Bringing a Positive Difference in People’s Lives

In the blink of an eye, something happens by chance – when you least expect it – sets you on a course that you never planned, into a future you never imagined. This was similar in the case of Dr. Manisha Karmarkar when the management saw potential in her as a leader to head their new unit at Wanowarie. She accepted the offer to be the new Chief Operating Officer of Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie – Pune’s first boutique multi-speciality tertiary care hospital – with passion, commitment, and grit to leave her mark as a great leader in the male-dominated medical world. Dr. Manisha firmly believes that leadership is a balance of two, it is an art rather than a science. As a leader of the hospital, Dr. Manisha not only assumes responsibility for herself and her work, but also for the work, attitude, and accomplishments of others. This includes both her duties as a practicing anaesthetist and as the COO. Every single day, Dr. Manisha leads the team in the operating theatre, takes decisions that are related to people’s lives and deaths. She also pushes her boundaries to step up and ensure that she will not only show her team where to go and what to do, but also encourage them, answer questions, track progress, and provide motivation. Dr. Manisha affirms that the team’s success is the success of the organization as a leading medical institution.

“I wasn’t born with a golden/silver spoon in my mouth. I had a set of innate traits, refined and perfected over time with education, training, and experience. Ever since my childhood, I was always focused, driven and had a passion and desire to lead. True leaders have the capacity to develop a big vision – one that inspires and motivates their team – and turn it into reality. This requires not only a passion for the vision but the clarity to communicate it and the intelligence and experience to execute it,” says Dr. Manisha.

About Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie

Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie offers a plethora of leading-edge diagnostics, surgical and rehabilitation services. Right from its youngest to the oldest patients, the hospital has something novel to offer to each one of them. The surgical prowess Ruby Hall possess is second to none, especially with its short stay knee replacement and laparoscopic procedures. Robotic procedures in the form of Pune’s only Da Vinci robot which is doing wonders for the healthcare system is its latest addition. The hospital’s bid to provide exceptional, connected patient care has also led to the development of a new, digital infrastructure as part of its growing e-health strategy in the form of virtual clinics. These lead to the overhaul of traditional treatment models, the launch of bespoke, tailored solutions, and grant patients increased choice and control over how they are treated. This model has worked exceptionally well in the corporate set-up as well as across geographical boundaries.

The hospital’s award-winning RHC mobile app and cloud-based EMR solution address the growing need for immediate access to healthcare information. Dr. Manisha believes that leveraging technology has enhanced the comfort of doctors and fortified patient care. The hospital always strives to be at the forefront when it comes to purchasing the best and latest in state-of-the-art technology. This holds true for its newly acquired PET CT scan, Green Light Laser, and 3D Laparoscopic devices among many others. It is this technology that helps Dr. Manisha and her team heal their patients faster. “For more than half a century, Grant Medical Foundation has had a reputation for high calibre healthcare practitioners, innovative services and powerful commitment to meeting the needs of its community. Offering a cutting-edge and nurturing medical environment, Ruby Hall Clinic has purposefully taken this mission forward. A healing getaway in the form of a boutique hospital, our tertiary care center provides the sick with a serene and peaceful environment,” she adds.

Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones

When Dr. Manisha was first offered the role of COO, there were a lot of people who assumed it was the end of her career as a practicing anaesthetist. She believes that life is all about taking risks, accepting challenges and proving yourself that you can surpass it all. She refused to pay any heed to these baseless assumptions and decided to take it up with full force whilst continuing her anaesthesia practice. She learned the continuum of care across all departments from inpatient to outpatient to ancillary services to technology, pharmacy, and nursing. She did everything in her stride to bundle it all around providing excellent service at economical prices.

Dr. Manisha focused on clinical program development, including bolstering the hospital’s quality management and clinical support services. Nursing was a special focus, and multidisciplinary rounds were introduced to ensure closer collaboration and coordination of care including therapists and case coordinators. Most importantly, she followed an open-door policy to promote healthy employer-employee relationship. She has actively implemented a horizontal work culture amongst teams that collaborate across departmental, professional and even corporate lives. Through a combination of hospital affiliations, outpatient specialty care centers, health care accreditations and corporate partnerships, the team has redefined healthcare while taking it to the next level. From central requirements to state regulations; from financial planning to strategic planning; from clinical integration to health information technology – Dr. Manisha has mastered it all. She says, “I took a huge risk while taking up this role, but the challenges proved to be an eye-opener. I believe that the magic happens when you move out of your comfort zone. I have integrated my medical experience with my managerial skills to help me not just transform the financial prowess of the hospital but also make it home to a driven and passionate workforce – right from doctors and nurses to even front-line managers and support staff.”

Advocating the cause of women helping each other is imbibed at the core of Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie. Dr. Manisha believes in the mantra ‘Together Women Can’. Today, under her guidance, the hospital is one of India’s tertiary care hospitals with virtually all women heading various departments. Hand-in-hand, they ensure nothing but the choicest, most compassionate care is meted out to their patients. The majority of the workforce is women-driven, and the hospital encourages working women with innovative policies such as work from home, and evening OPDs. Backed by a formidable team of women managers in varied departments, each one of them leaves no stone unturned in providing exceptional care with compassion. From a boutique hospital, Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie now stands out for its compassionate, technologically driven healthcare.

Inspiration to Keep You Going!

From the very beginning, Dr. Manisha has admired Indra Nooyi – one of the most powerful and influential businesswomen in the world – as an example with perfect work-life balance. Dr. Manisha’s family is a compass that guides her, a rock that steadies her and a ladder that helps her climb to reach the pinnacle of success. She is blessed to have boundless support from her loving and understanding family. Dr. Manisha’s husband, also a surgeon, has been her backbone, making her sail through life’s most complex decisions. Her daughter too has been a pillar of support. Regardless of a busy schedule, she nurtures her relationships by spending quality time with her family, friends and loved ones. She says dedicating time to family and friends is a way to relax and renew before jumping back into chaos. Also, ensuring a meaningful relationship with loved ones goes hand-in-hand with hard work in attaining overall success.

An environment that encourages people to blossom and enormous support from Ruby Hall Clinic family is another factor that motivates Dr. Manisha to deliver her best. “I am blessed to work with and for mentors who have supported me and set me free to grow and thrive. Our CEO Mr. Bomi Bhote put me in executive circumstances and meetings early on in my career, often as the only woman in the room. He’s been my teacher and my motivation. Today, I make it a point to be the same kind of leader to others who work with me,” she says.

Rolling Out Plans for the Future
As a healthcare organization, Dr. Manisha believes that Ruby Hall Clinic must be one step ahead of the game. This is keeping the entire team on their toes and constantly innovating to better patient care and improve procedural outcomes. One such device that is poised to help the team with better imaging is its newly launched GE Discovery STE PET-CT scanner which offers high-resolution fusion imaging coupled with a significantly reduced radiation dose and lower noise. This new scanner will provide the hospital’s patients with the very best service available providing clinicians with outstanding visual referencing with PET and CT scans in one go.

With the Indian Medical Tourism market touted to reach $146 million by 2021, Ruby Hall Clinic too is not one to be left behind. With a sole idea of becoming a one-stop destination for medical tourism, the clinic’s innovative add-on features such as visa assistance, culinary expertise and interpreters has played its role in increasing market share. “Technology has overturned the healthcare industry and with this, robotic surgery has changed the face of medicine as we know it. Today, more surgeries are being performed with greater accuracy, lesser bleeding, smaller incisions, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery. We’re confident that Ruby Hall Clinic will continue giving its patients a new lease of life,” asserts Dr. Manisha. Wearable gadgets are also transforming preventive healthcare making it proactive rather than reactive. Dr. Manisha sees this trend gaining speed in the time to come with doctors taking advantage of this technology. The market for mobile health also has skyrocketed in recent years. Whether communicating over telephone, chat or video conference, having a doctor just a swipe away is fast becoming commonplace. With Ruby Hall’s virtual clinics, the hospital is slowly but surely conquering this field.

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