Codem Consultancy Services: Driven by Passion to Help Clients Build Stronger, Agile & Innovative Businesses

Arvind Vimal David, Founder & Director of Codem Consultancy Services, always believed that ‘Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. In early 2014, Arvind – a semi-geek at heart – realized that he was not happy with just following a mundane job profile in Singapore and decided that he had enough of being cogs in the wheels of large organizations. The quest to start something of his own and zest to make it big drove Arvind to leave his cozy job and start Codem Consultancy Services in late 2014 as a bootstrapped company. Codem Consultancy Services is a global technology provider offering unparalleled quality mixed reality solutions for industry. The consultancy enables clients all over the globe to create and execute strategies that combine technology solutions along with industry specialization and innovation to transform customer experience. Codem Consultancy Services bring to the table the best of technologies that include augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, chatbots, IoT, azure machine learning, agile, artificial intelligence, emotion API, deep learning, and language understanding intelligence system (LUIS).

Meaningful collaborations with a lot of companies have paved the way for Codem Consultancy Services to have and utilize great pool resources. Therefore, the consultancy builds its forte in providing end-to-end solutions in the marketplace on time every time. Housed with a dedicated team of professionals, Codem Consultancy Services is blessed with affinity to provide something as small as a website to a mixed reality industrial grade automation project which implements IoT in it. The consultancy is a technical partner of NVT Phybridge, Canada which enables it to provide power over Long Reach Ethernet Solutions to partners who have hardware requirements and set up the same for them. “We do not believe in competing on an already saturated market and believe that collaborating can bring out larger strengths, so we partnered with a lot of firms to provide and share our project loads and thus all of us could grow as one large ecosystem,” says Arvind.

The success saga of the consultancy doesn’t end here. The consultancy which was debuted with zero dollars and three members, today has grown leaps and bounds to a $2 million company with 30+ members on board and still counting. The consultancy also has a large network of dedicated freelancers. Today, Codem Consultancy Services stands one step ahead of the competition as a 360-degree IT solutions consultant with global footprints across Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and a global delivery center based out of Chennai.

Embracing Opportunities

Chatbots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data analytics and intelligence is the future. These coupled with mixed reality instead of just using tabs or mobile phones is the industrial revolution of the future. “We are no more targeting consumers but targeting users and everybody is all about the user experience and what can we potentially provide. The growth is exponentially so large and fast, that technology has to keep pace with the growing demands of the current user who is easily distracted, wants to be amazed, but needs all this on a shoestring budget! The future belongs to those who can optimally use their resource, provide new teaching but at a pocket-friendly price or rather a justifiable cost,” he adds.

Building Strong Bond with Clients

Creating strong ties with clients is very crucial for any enterprise to grow. Therefore, Codem Consultancy Services took almost three weeks chasing its first client – Sura Books. The client sealed the deal at a very low price almost 4x times cheaper than the competition. To make it presence felt in the industry, Codem Consultancy Services did it at no margin and incurred a loss because the client kept asking for more and more add-on features and the hard work paid off. Currently, Codem Consultancy Services have a four-member sales team, the team is good at SEO and get referrals from older clients. “It is easier now to acquire clients and we have all our old happy and satisfied clients with us except two percent of them have left us as they are not doing the projects anymore. We have offices across the globe with partners and sales members which help us acquire international clients with ease. We are channel partners with almost 15 consultancies globally who provide us a lot of work,” says proud Arvind.

Codem Consultancy Services loyal cadre of clients stands out. Its clientele boasts of names like CMCH Vellore, Darling Groups, Optic – 5, Pollution Control Board Tamilnadu in India. Internationally – LISOD Israel, NVT Phybridge, Karachi Robotics, Josco Travels Singapore, B2B Rooms Singapore, GBNP USA, Husky Energy Alberta, Euro Rail & Go Train Canada, VIA Rail Canada, to name a few.

Great Organizational Culture

Arvind believes that they are only as strong as their weakest link and work to strengthen that link. The team always aim at creating a win-win situation for all involved, be it clients or employees. Open door policy, strict adherence to timing, great knowledge sharing and making sure that even the smallest cog in the organization is well oiled. The consultancy nurtures its people’s talent with great salary and amazing incentives. It also provides a great working environment that includes subsidized food mostly biriyani to every employee once a day for free. The consultancy also boosts the morale of its people by funding them to learn new technology and continuous learning. “We believe in doing a lot of charity and my entire team backs me up in that. We do not want to publicly discuss the charities we do as we believe that what our right hand gives the left must no know,” says Arvind.

Future Plans

Codem Consultancy Services future plan is to stick to the same path, the path which is not usually taken and keep moving forward. The consultancy is focusing on three crucial points – Adapt – to the changing and growing ecosystem which is this industry, Adept – be adept to match the changes and stay in the game and adopt – have everyone in the team adopt a positive attitude and if possible an animal!

By Rashmisree Deb

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