Cloudone-Scalable Technology for the Internet of Things

Internet has grown significantly day by day leading to revolution and has transformed the World into an ultimate era of hyper-connective technology called Internet of Things (IoT). Essentially, today the landscape of company and IoT space falls into two major categories: widgets and platforms. Widgets are components of software that enable users to access a service or perform a function while platform gathers data from the device, package and do analytics, and build applications on top of that data. But, neither widgets nor platforms provide a complete solution to companies to deploy effective IoT. Located in Indianapolis, IN CloudOne comes in with a different approach to overcome such problems with their unique integration of widgets and platforms along with consultation to perform better IoT in the marketplace.
Generally, storage platforms in the marketplace demand companies to adapt to a brand new platform due to the companies’ inability to leverage IoT with their existing platform. But, choosing a brand new platform ultimately changes companies’ workflow and management. CloudOne brings enterprise applications to the cloud, enabling global collaborative development, production and analysis of software and products in real time on individual, secure or private hybrid cloud environments. “We take those systems either in whole or as parts and integrate them together and operate as an IoT platform for the target customers specific to them,” says John McDonald, CEO, CloudOne.
CloudOne creates a new system from clients’ existing elements such as building and designing of the product through DevOps. Thereafter, they integrate those elements into the systems behind those products that feed and read data, backend business operation, analytics, and data management. As a result, the system gets updates through messages from own devices and allows secure access over networks and enables a scalable technology. CloudOne’s scalable technology is supported by a team of experts and partners who share a passion for making it easier, faster, and more economical to develop technology for the IoT.
McDonalds express that “Lot of our efforts comes in taking new versions of technologies and working to integrate them rapidly into the deployable platform.”One such example is the engagement with Cummins, a global power leader in handling engines. Cummins used IBM Rational solutions in the process of coding and testing the software built into computerized engine control module. Developers at Cummins struggled to create a reliable mechanism for collection and analysis of engine performance data. Working with engineers from CloudOne and IBM, Cummins implemented IBM BigInsights and Streams technologies into their Virtual Private Cloud. Incoming data packets are sent directly to the cloud via secure connections and are processed and added to the Hadoop-based data engine provided by IBM. Built-in analytics tools allowed Cummins engineers to summarize, visualize, and analyze the streams of data for performance trends and trouble indicators. “Every IoT projects demand other elements we integrate into a device or an analytic engine of a company and we finally grow into an effective factor provider for the company’s platform,” remarks, McDonald.
The firm’s partners include National Instruments, Capgemini, ProFicient, Deloitte, IBM and others. CloudOne continues to focus on customers’ delight and reaching employees’ potential and looking into the new features and capability from the software providers to leverage at the level of technology. “We are planning to enable R&D process for our customers to get the latest tour and technologies and to figure out themselves, how integrating things update than before,” extols McDonald.
Company name: CloudOne
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Management: John McDonald, CEO
Description: Helps companies to make their things for the Internet of Things
Quote: “We take systems either in whole or as parts and integrate them together and operate as an IoT platform for the target customers specific to them.”

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