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Number of people afflicted by obesity and unhealthiness is steadily increasing. According to a report, ‘over 50% of the world’s population does not have a normal BMI, and worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980.” As per American health studies, “Fitness trackers could be impeding your ability to meet your weight loss goals. The study, which took place between 2010 and 2014, included 471 randomized participants (74.5% completed the study)”.  The reason, simply getting a log of your workout doesn’t give user the required motivation and determination that is needed to meet the goals.  Now, the time has come to actually invest in yourself and hold yourself accountable towards your goals. The correct way to go about this is picking a workout companion. Imagine a device which simply gets strapped on your shoes and gives you the motivation by literally whispering the instructions as a professional trainer directly into your ears! Welcome to the world of Boltt Sports Technologies.

For Boltt, Fitness is a “way of life.” The company’s device creates an environment that enforces a fitness culture and encourages people to take up a physical activity they enjoy. Incepted in 2016, by Arnav Kishore and Aayushi Kishore, the company began by launching smart shoes that track all biomechanical data. Their main motive was to develop a technology in the form of a mobile app that can fill the gap between fitness trackers which give health and fitness insights to users and fitness wearables which track the data and analyze it to give a feedback to users in the app. All the wearables in the market today only collect data and give the users a raw log of the activities performed. Here is where the company‘s approach is different. Powered by smart Artificial Intelligence which gathers  different user patterns and behaviours to give a feedback, the Boltt mobile app, coupled with its tracking sensors give the user refined and analyzed solution which is much more useful at ground level to achieve desired results. This makes it different from other available trackers in the market which only count calories and distance moved.

The USP of the company is their Boltt Health App- which is available for both Android and iOS. The app even works without a wearable and offer smartphone users virtual coaching. It captures and analyses all the data like users activity, fitness, sleep, nutrition and other vitals, each of the section has a detailed matrix to analyze the user pattern. All this is clubbed with a layer of AI which gives 24X7 real time feedback through the AI based coach via texts and audio on all these elements. The feedback is chat and audio based. “It gets processed in the AI based algorithm with a chatbot and coach which gives real time instructions to the user on the things they need to improve” adds Aayushi Kishore.

There are basically two types of sensors. One is the wrist based system and other is the foot wear based system. Foot wear based sensors are available in a range of smart shoes which are stand alone units and also in step sensors which can be clipped onto any standard shoe. Both are connected to the boltt Health mobile app.

Boltt Health helps you track your sleep, diet, workouts and gives you personal insights and feedback so you can make smarter choices to improve your health, lose weight and crush your goals. As Aayushi Kishore says, “Boltt Health is the first complete health, fitness and weight loss app that includes a built-in personal coach to make sure you get fit and lose weight.”

Boltt Sports Technologies launched its AI ecosystem which includes wearable, mobile app and AI in India on June 20th, 2017. The preorder is now open on the official website Boltt AI ecosystem includes various devices like fitness bands and AI enabled shoes and mobile app. The straps detect physical activities throughout the day and powered by Boltt Audio AI coach. The connected shoes are embedded with sensors that track the biometric data. The main attraction is the AI enabled coach which is trained to provide real-time coaching and guide you like a trainer.

Talking about the edge over competition, she says, “All companies just provide hardware device which captures data while ours analyses the data and gives AI based solutions real time. We correlate different data sets which helps us to know how users activity impacts his sleep, how nutrition impacts the activity. This information acts as an additional input to the already available data from sensors. For example, while running our device will be giving you real time instructions on how to run, which pace to follow and when to stop.”

The main challenge that founders faced, was R&D and prototyping that yielded into the development of a healthy product which has limited acceptance in the market. Now the company is looking forward to expand its footprint into other channels online and offline. Currently, Boltt’s products are best selling on Amazon in their category. Very soon the company is going to enter Flipkart in the online market space and stores like Reliance Digital in the offline market for a more hands-on experience

The company has earned revenue of more than 2.5 crores in less than 2 months of its launch, which roughly translates into revenue of 22-25 crore in FY 17. Boltt Sports Technologies is tying up with institutions across sectors such as banking, insurance, hospitals, fitness and sports chains. The main goal of the company is to develop a health and fitness brand in India which localizes the health and fitness solution to local masses and provide proper health guidance to the youth.

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