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Much like the central nervous system that controls the human body and mind, the HR Management platform plays a decisive role in defining and shaping the soul and execution of an organization. By hiring quality employees, onboarding them into the unique company culture, helping them achieve the highest possible levels of performance, and retaining them, the HR management system actively contributes to the ultimate success of the organization. It is only natural that such critical system should be as intelligent as possible. BizMerlinHR, an AI-powered smart HR management platform, is helping businesses of all sizes by optimizing all aspects of their human capital management, from the core employee records to time and attendance solutions, to performance management to applicant tracking system and a magical competency matrix that updates itself.

A Unique Approach towards the current market trends

“Artificial Intelligence has the power to assist all aspects of human capital management, including identifying candidates that are highly likely to succeed, set appropriate goals, and manage the entire workforce life cycle in a way that spurs productivity and maximizes retention.”, says Amrinder Arora, the CEO, and co-founder of BizMerlinHR System.

“The recruiting world is undergoing remarkable changes. Candidates’ ambitions are not just limited to earning a living, they desire for high-value satisfaction, an enriching learning experience and long-term association with strong brands in the market. In addition to this, today’s workforce is at the forefront of innovation and excellence. BizMerlinHR helps businesses analyze the recent recruiting trends in the market and keep up with times in the best possible manner.”

Rich AI Background and the Start of the Entrepreneurial Journey

Prior to founding BizMerlinHR, Dr. Amrinder Arora already had an impressive data analytics and artificial intelligence career both in commercial and government settings, with experiences as broad as designing an AI powered Risk Targeting System screening millions of transactions to designing an award winning intelligent transportation system for a major seaport.

As an Algorithms and AI expert, Dr. Arora is also an Adjunct Professor at George Washington University, where he teaches graduate classes on Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms Design & Analysis. Author of multiple books in this field, he has received numerous excellency awards from Food and Drug Administration, Association for Computing Machinery, George Washington University, and Bowie State University and was recognized as one of 30 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs in 2016. With his vast industry experience, Dr. Arora is able to guide the students both from the theoretical computer science perspective as well as the industry and business perspective where the knowledge is ultimately applied.

With an undergraduate degree from IIT Delhi and a doctorate in Computer Science from George Washington University, Dr. Arora says that his doctoral thesis on Scheduling Algorithm was the genesis of the core system of BizMerlinHR.
Practical Insights Leading to An Ingenious Solution.

While working in the consulting services sector, he was able to witness the vast inefficiencies in the human capital management and resource allocation processes. Those first-hand experiences led to the creation and the ultimate success of BizMerlinHR.

When asked about the story behind the starting of the company, Dr. Arora says, “While working in the consulting sector, I witnessed and suffered through the inefficient resource management processes, that were intrinsically suboptimal and labor intensive. The processes were neither intelligent, nor helpful to the company because they could not predict anything. The potential to create something intelligent and efficient was obvious.” Dr. Arora checked with many consulting services organizations, presented his work at several international conferences, received feedback through peer-reviewed journals and co-founded BizMerlinHR in the year 2013. BizMerlinHR immediately proved to be a critical system in solving several human resource management problems such as performance management, optimal resource planning, automation of just-in-time hiring, etc.

Exclusive HR Solutions of BizMerlinHR

“For many businesses and companies, people are their most valuable assets and it is surprising that the management of the people is considered to be a burden for the company. BizMerlinHR System takes a completely opposite view and it gives the highest importance to the life cycle of the employees, from the hiring process to the retirement cycle and every little detail in between”, explains Amrinder about the objectives and working of BizMerlinHR. With BizMerlinHR, a company can track the evolution of an employee through different corporate competencies, what trainings they took, what goals and projects they were able to take on and in what capacities, and lastly, what feedback did they receive from their team. BizMerlinHR provides a 360-degree view of an employee to the company and help them with their human resource management needs in an innovative manner.

BizMerlinHR offers comprehensive human resource management solutions like hiring automation, employee onboarding, an auto updating skill matrix, goal and performance tracking, retention management and optimal resource allocation. “Over the recent years¸ the demand for AI based solutions, has consolidated BizMerlinHR as the go to system to meet all HR needs”, concludes Amrinder.

With the power of artificial intelligence, BizMerlinHR is gearing to expand its reach. There is no doubt that this smart and intelligent human resource management system has scripted its own success story.

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Key Management-Dr. Amrinder Arora-Co-Founder & CEO, Bob Cofod-President, Elena Correas –VP & Product Stratergy, Soneeka Arora-COO, Peter McCann-Growth Advisor

Offices : Reston, US-Chicago, US- Bogota, Colombia, India- Ludhiana, India-Gurgaon

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