B2C Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified company. It is among the pioneers that introduced microprocessor-based membership smart card concept in India. Neeraj Saxena, Managing Director, B2C Systems Limited, says “I began my journey at the age 20 as an entrepreneur. I always had the desire for something big on my own. Inspired by the fascination for creativity, I started an advertising agency “Times Communications” in Delhi, which had picked up well after initial hick-ups”. He did his Masters in Information Technology and Management with a specialization in E-commerce, which helped him immensely in setting up B2C Systems in the Millennium year 2000. Neeraj asserts “I too had my share of challenging times. However, I owe it to my family as without their moral support I would not have achieved whatever little I have achieved. I can tell you from my experience that ‘challenges’ inspire you to turn around”. “Challenges are the key to success”, he adds. The company over the years has created a niche for itself in the complete automation of Social, Sports and Recreational Clubs domain with Membership Smart Cards. With each passing day, the B2C Systems has grown from strength to strength.


Since the inception of B2C Systems in the millennium year 2000, the company has been providing dedicated services to Smart Cards based Automation Solutions in Hospitality Domain, including Hardware, Networking and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software fully integrated with Membership Smart Cards. The company has been providing solution-oriented IT and related value-added services to many prestigious customers. They are striving hard to make it larger and become a trusted partner of choice for global businesses looking to ‘differentiate at the front’ and ‘standardize at the core’ through technology interventions. B2C Systems Limited provides optimal solutions from Microprocessor Chips (RFID/contact less) to Application Management Systems. Being a tech-driven organization, B2C Systems develops IT solutions that shape corporate intranets and extranets, streamlining communication structures for their businesses.

The company has plans to expand itself Pan India followed by presence globally. “Well, in the tech-savvy era, it is essential to keep yourself abreast with all the innovations and recent developments taking place in the sector. We try to attend relevant conferences and exhibitions, globally, that helps to increase our visibility and network”, says Neeraj. Presently.

B2C Systems is focusing on:

B2C_Digital Club: An ERP Software is having various functional modules fully microprocessor-based Membership Smart Cards.

B2C_Digital Food Court: A user-friendly and full-featured Food Court Management Software application specially designed for malls and IT parks that is contiguous with the counters of various food vendors and provides a common area for self-serve dining. The food court operator gets complete and accurate reporting of all counter sales and cash management.

B2C_Digital POS: Fully featured out-of-the-box hardware & software integrated Solution for Resto-Bars/Canteen and Departmental/Retail Stores to manage their complete business operations.

B2C_Drishti: A mini-ERP Solution with the prophecy to decipher the necessity of small and mid-size companies. Designed for owners who are always travelling and engaged in the cutthroat business competition, in trading, retail and service industry to diminish the frenzied paper-based works. The software is dedicated to handling all types of the organization from office administration to client-based work and reduces time.

“I have no hesitation in accepting that without the support and cooperation of the team I would not have achieved whatever I have achieved today. Though forming a Core Team still remains a big challenge, as in the current scenario staff dedication & sincerity towards the organisation is not as much as it used to be once.” says Neeraj. Though he very well understands that the motivation plays a significant role in boosting the morale of the co-workers, so rather than sitting inside his cabin the whole day, he makes it a point to interact with them as much as possible and even help them out when they face difficulties in work. He talks to his employees whenever possible since interaction plays a great role in understanding their sentiments. He believes in giving freedom to his staff and allows them to do their work according to them. Of course, he takes the final call since it’s all about developing satisfied client-base and subsequently generating business.

B2C Systems Limited has been a major player in providing Club Automation to various clients across Social, Sports and Recreational Clubs. The company has been one of the pioneers in introducing the microprocessor-based membership smart card concept in India. B2C Systems has created a niche for itself. Young tech-savvy people who have the passion to do something innovative and creative come to them. “We at B2C Systems allow them the space to explore their x-factors and grow. Still, I would like to highlight that “Right-Mix-of-Talent-Acquisition” is the biggest challenge and we are no exceptions” says Neeraj.


With a mission to provide solution-oriented IT and related value-added services to its clients, it has served many prestigious customers.The list includes names like Delhi Gymkhana Club Ltd, Defence Services Officers’ Institute (DSOI), Civil Services Officers’ Institute (CSOI), Indian Naval Services (INS) India, PHD Chambers of Commerce, Airports Authority of India (AAI), Karavya Heltheon, Seafarers Welfare Housing Association SWHA), Armed Forces Welfare Housing Association (AFWHA) and many more.Their vision is to become one-of-the-most trustworthy and reliable Membership Smart Cards based IT solutions partner in Hospitality Automation domain, providing the latest yet cost-effective services to their valuable clients.

The focus of B2C Systems Limited has been in the Club Automation sector – “B2C_Digital Club”. It has provided assistance to its clients to automate all the processes within a Social, Sports and Recreational Clubs. The USP of their company is to provide dedicated services in the Club Automation domain to its clients. B2C Systems thrives to explore new tech-concepts that are easy to access and customer-friendly. Their mission is to become a Team with their esteemed customers to achieve excellence in Smart Cards based Software and other value-added services by implementing the right automation solutions with the utmost utilization of space, time & resources including skilled and not-so-skilled IT manpower.

B2C Systems believes in moving ahead by keeping pace with the latest tech innovations. They plan to bring handheld based POS terminals, first ever in India, fully integrated with microprocessor-based contactless Membership Smart Cards and other functional modules in B2C_Digital Club Solutions for POS Billing, Access Control, Smart Card Issuance, Cash Loading / Charging etc.
And also to deveop an esay-to-suse, low-cost cloud-based Office Automation Software System for Retail / Wholesale and Service Providers covering Administration – Web Presence – Data Security – Purchase/Inventory – Sales – MIS – CRM – Taxation etc. providing real time information to SMEs and mid-sized companies where the main person(s) either keeps travelling or is busy handling various other back-office operations and not focusing on core business and is really dependent on others to have the updated info on what’s the existing status of his business including creditors and debtors dues, when are the renewals due, stock status, taxation and fund flow etc.

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