Avekshaa Technologies-A Proactive Approach towards Performance Assurance Programs

In today’s digital centric world, Businesses and Enterprises are driven by complex IT systems that are further dependent on a diverse set of vendors. Avekshaa was conceptualised with a focus on helping such Enterprises for proactive identification and isolation of performance related issues arising in their IT environments that impact Performance, Availability, and Scalability of critical applications (P-A-S-STM), negatively.Mr. Rajinder Gandotra Founder and CEO says, “Our prime purpose is to proactively manage and improve the performance and stability of complex IT systems owned by our clients for best results over long term.”  The company headquartered in Bangalore, India emerged successfully with their unique performance engineering framework, P-A-S-STM Model which has helped them grow global— Australia, North America and UK.

The firm takes leadership in the arena of performance engineering, their framework helps in proactive identification of over 60% of performance issues at the source itself. They clearly understand the fact that it is important to identify and isolate performance issues right at the beginning for optimisation of cost and efforts. Time factor is also taken into consideration as various complex issues involving a multi-vendor scenario can usually take humongous amount of time to resolve if discovered in the later stages, leading to a loss of business reputation. To achieve these, Avekshaa makes use of its IPs, combined with various methodologies in its P-A-S-STM Model that identify and isolate performance related issues at the design-architecture stage, rather than during the testing stage when cost of issue identification and resolution becomes very high both in terms of effort and money.

Engineering performance at the design stage itself in the applications is necessary for bringing out high stability in a product or application. Avekshaa ensures that its customers get the benefits of a neutral third-party reviewer who checks the entire system as a single unit instead of a siloed approach and gives recommendations.The methodology of performance engineering implemented by Avekshaa allows all system components to perform at optimum levels. Avekshaa not only resolves these errors by identifying and fixing them quickly but also prevents them from happening in the first place.

A case study is cited hereto showcase the improvisation made to a specialized performance model by the company. Avekshaa had to carry out migration of a high volume BRM product for an Australian telecom provider which was successfully completed with zero performance errors and optimal budgets in record time. Avekshaa demonstrated high quality in meeting all the requirements concerning the performance and scalability of the product which resulted in a huge success. In another instance, a private bank in India had to replace mandatory core banking system with Finacle as a part of the strategy for growth and transformation. This migration was planned to go live on a single day with their entire number of branches and channels, it was expected to be a big-bang migration.During the process, any minor IT system failure could have vastly impacted the business, hence it was cited as being highly risky. To de-risk the transition, the bank had to seek help from Avekshaa for a performance assurance program ensuring smooth Go-Live with zero performance errors.

For the past three years, the company has been recognized and awarded for its excellence in the field of performance engineering from the leading governances includes Deloitte, CV magazine, Express IT Awards etc. Avekshaa has won 12 such awards and is recognized by the top industry bodies for its outstanding performance in its field. To their name, the company had secured the honoured Technology Innovator Awards from CV Magazine and APJ Best win in the ADM category from HPE, last year. Avekshaa is aiming to become a 100Cr company in the next 5 years addressing clients worldwide particularly in the UK/US and Australian markets. Mr. Rajinder Gandotra says, “Our team is so proud to have delivered overall 140 unique projects out of which 10% were highly complex.” The tools and methodologies adopted for these projects have resulted in distinct outcomes.”Avekshaa is working towards its future to set a new wave of transformation via the latest technological know how of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Company name: Avekshaa Technologies

Website: www.avekshaa.com

Location: Bangalore, Mumbai, Australia, USA

Management: Mr. Rajinder Gandotra

Description: Applications Performance Assurance

Quote: “Dealing proactively helps in preventing, resolving and improving performance issues via our P-A-S-S™ platform and services.”

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