Archer Software-The Innovative Laboratory for Automotives

These days, it has been a trend to append dynamic travel experience leveraging cutting-edge technology into in-vogue utilities of a car. However, one cannot deny the chances of encountering the unexpected, which may mutate passenger’s lives. With over a decade of experience, Archer Software headquartered at New York evolved as one of the trailblazers in the field of automotive to overcome such unpredictable situations through their automotive applications and solutions for vehicles. They develop custom software solutions leveraging technologies like embedded software, API, and mobile and app development.
The firm concentrates on developing innovative software functions to drive home new UX marketing modules and infotainment applications. “We actually rich the market with the idea of formulating featured software to bring a unique market approach for the OEMs, car makers, and software providers with respect to driving analysis,” channelizes Tulin. This thought process extends to serve auto insurers—who analyze on parameters such as costing, driving behavior, safety, and mapping and routing—based on Usage Based Insurance (UBI) solutions. UBI is a type of vehicle insurance that is closely connected with the analysis of driving quality. It aligns driving behaviors and ensures that customers are paying based only on the quality of driving through sensors and integrated software, which the Archer targets at.
Archer’s solutions leverage classic stack of technologies like front and back-end, database connectivity, and manipulation for solving classical stack problems such as root management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and telematics on a successful level. One such scenario assisting its client was developing a new ERP system for Renault’s, a car manufacturer, ten subdivisions including divisions in Ukraine, Russia, Algeria, and Brazil by implementing Archer’s applications. Initially, Archer software was given a task to develop multiple IT projects within the company that required additional data and human resources. Archer integrated its applications into Renault’s existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) and enabled the client to search and assign optimal storage space for cars with in the wholesale distribution warehouse. The new application also helped in optimizing the process of finding storage space to minimize the cost of storage and handling operations.
Connected cars tether with other vehicles, send information to cloud servers and cloud-connected devices, and transmit updates about the vehicle to devices and vice versa. But the assiduous part of the connected cars is cross zoning connectivity—which fails to support when car travels from one region to other—especially the defragmentation of different APIs used for different devices. Archer Software’s Innovation Lab diligently works to build a fully automated system for connected cars to monitor and solve the connectivity issue across different region with their custom software. “Our products are derived from the analysis of driving experience and effectuation of customers, which paves the way for the future concept of automated-connected cars,” says Alexey Tulin, President, Archer software.
Investing more on the electric cars in their innovation lab, Archer software is planning to see a big scope in future by combining its classic technologies such as embedded, back-end, and deliberate analogies in the big data analysis, mobile applications and integration with IoT, and wearables to address clients’ and other start-ups’ issues. Alongside, the firm also concentrates to bring unique and revolutionary approach towards the other two major sectors: Healthcare and High Tech & IoT. “We are passionate to apply our experience in embedded for integrating healthcare devices to clinics, analyzing data, and viewing and controlling facilities for medical dashboards,” extols Tulin.
Company name: Archer Software
Location: New York
Management: Alexey Tulin, President and Alexander Sharko, COO
Description: Provider of software and solutions for automotive, healthcare and IoT.
Quote: “Our products are derived from the analysis of driving experience and effectuation of customers, which paves the way for the future concept of automated-connected cars”

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