Apervita-Computable Data and Democratizing Healthcare Analytics

Health care industry operates a huge amount of data every day, ranging from tracking patient’s data to reporting and collecting information from physicians and insurance companies. Patients, practitioners, physicians, and insurers seek to access their data in real time globally, which can be achieved through Big Data analytics. But, integrating and incorporating these complex data into one big health data-stream is a big challenge. It calls for a platform approach to manage and integrate the influx of emerging data and applying these data into workflow applications. Apervita, the new community and a marketplace for health analytics and data sets, helps to effectively incorporate healthcare analytics and data with their secured integrated platform, which is accessible globally. “Our platforms are secured and helping people to identify symptoms very early that would have never been possible without the big data and innovation of big analytics,” says Paul Magelli, CEO, Apervita.
This firm helps companies to quickly turn their medical intellectual property into computable content. Thereafter, this content can be globalized, through the Apervita Market. Health providers, health insurers and pharmaceutical manufacturers and retailers can browse a broad selection of professionally curated medical content, subscribe to it, and then connect their own data sets and publish results into their workflow. Apervita connects series of related interactions between a user and a system to achieve a goal in clinical, operational, and financial aspects. Their expertise facilitates customers with readmission prevention, chronic disease management, protocol compliance, rapid detection of patient health deterioration, infection early warnings, and personal medical device assessment.
Healthcare organization needs to buy a certain analytics to manage their readmission and it takes more time to get a simple data set in the big data service. Magelli informs “We allow selecting and comparing all readmission analytics to make decision which best suits your requirement.” They provide clients with the tool to self author big data and author their knowledge applications in an open platform to make the contents and the applications portable and shared worldwide. Apervita’s platform is HIPAA secure and supports open standards. It can be connected through modern web services to most EMRs, portals and point-of-care systems.
The companies’ platform helped their clients to integrate medical data and analytics in real-time globally. One such example is the case study of Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit organization committed to medical research and education, and providing expert, whole-person care to everyone who needs healing. Mayo Clinic produced hundreds of new analytics annually and they brought their medical catalog and analytics to Apervita. Apervita made Mayo clinic’s health contents computable and portable through their platform and market. Thus, Apervita become the distribution platform for Mayo Clinic for the kind of analytics to distribute worldwide. They also helped a trust of hospital in United Kingdom on handling huge variety of cases from different systems at real-time quite effectively in the short period of time.
Apervita continues to provide the industrial scale platform and will focus to become an open market place worldwide. Their goal is to empower enterprises across the globe to transform health knowledge and data into computable insight, which addressing healthcare’s challenges. “We have a greater responsibility as well as opportunity to impact the 7 billion lives that exist on this planet and allow them to experience the best health care everywhere,” concludes Magelli, CEO, Apervita.
Company name: Apervita
Website: apervita.com
Location: Chicago, IL
Management: Paul Magelli, Chief Executive Officer and Rick Halton, Chief Marketing Officer
Description: A community and marketplace for health analytics & data sets.
Quote: “We allow selecting and comparing all readmission analytics to make decision which best suits your requirement.”

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