Altality-Augmented Reality: Experience the Inexperienced

Spanning up training and education to ameliorate the vision of a child into a daydream-come-true experience, the applications of Augmented Reality in the healthcare have become more of the essence. Intellection of Christian York—Founder, Altality, located at Ann Arbor, MI—on these aspects to bestow liveliness, incorporated AR technology and began fulfilling stargazes of kids in 2014 through their innovative product called “Magicbook.” SpellBound, formerly called as “Magicbook,” is a mobile application that turns kid’s paper books into awesome multidimensional adventures. Holding a smartphone over the pages of the book, like a camera, children can watch fictitious character leap in three dimensional panoramas. “We create AR platform and set down the purpose driven platform that is designed for specific space to bring the imaginary world into integrated virtual–reality world,” starts of York.

York enunciates that Altality looks for an overall user experience about considering reality and proposing longer, deeper, and extended relationships in the AR space. She had thought-process to evolve the experience in the AR technology to bring a special consideration in specific arena. Her though-focus helped the firm to step into hospitals to wield patient’s experience in the medical treatment and to make kids understand, accommodate, and bring interactivity in the infirmary environment.

Initially, York and her team were searching for a platform to leverage their solutions in the AR space. Fortuitously, they found that their services are practicable to bring a reality experience in the hospitals and started running a pilot plant at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, located at Ann Arbor. The hospital had issues with mobility of lot of tubes and wires around, limiting the amount of physical interaction. Also, there were no tools that are being developed to help child specialists to distract kids while examining/treating painful processes Pediatricians tried to repurpose consumer apps and products like iPad, video game, and standard paper books to help with the process. But, none of these are enough to distract the kids as they are everyday objects now. Altality’s unique AR initiative allows kids to interact with the digital environment in a safe way, like physical in action, through the spellbound MED.

SpellBound helps manage fear and stress of patients and saves cost for hospitals. It has an entire library of popular children’s titles that make reading a multisensory and creative exercise. It enhances content comprehension and uses books from one’s own personal shelf and encourages interaction with paper books. The theme of the firm—digitizing the physical books in a meaningful way—lends a new glide path for healthcare providers and hospitals sectors through the AR technology. “We leverage surface technology delivered on cloud to track the child and engage them in conversation and education to have a real-time AR experience.”

Based on research with people who know the company’s vision as well as with students, Altality found that the results were appreciable when the people are passionate in what they do. In addition to the research, the company also offers internships for stu

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