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People who are more actively engaged in managing their health tend to have better outcomes, spend less and cost the system less. This kind of engagement is crucial for healthcare organizations in the new competitive ‘one consumer’ world of healthcare. As healthcare consumers, patients are expecting the very same seamless experience they get buying a new tablet or shopping online for car insurance, it becomes imperative for healthcare organizations to keep pace with consumer demands and build a consumer-centric healthcare experience in this highly competitive marketplace. Over the last decade, many companies have tried to include new technologies within healthcare, but few have success stories to their name, Health5C Inc is a name worth mentioning. The U.S headquartered company delivers an integrated telehealth platform with a robust ecosystem, intelligent solutions that work to modernize the health system, improve overall citizens health and help build and enable sustainable health communities.

Health5C Inc brings in global best in class tools consumer healthcare combined with rich network of local care providers, hence being exceedingly relevant to target consumers. A technology company devoted to helping people achieve their health and wellness goals, Health5C has implemented and tested innovative consumer engagement and activation strategies and worksite cultural changes that directly reflect the mission to help people live their lives to the fullest. The company acts as a personal advocate to help them navigate a complex healthcare system and local market expertise that empowers them to access the best care with quality and cost in mind.

Being aware of the ‘slow but steady’ healthcare industry, team Health5C was patient enough to wait for the right opportunity. Moreover, they wanted to be ready with accepting the technological trends. “Digital health and empowering the patients was the key to our development of the product. We kept our heads together when the chips were down and stayed focused on our goal. Our perseverance and patience final paid off,” speaks ValerianFernandes, Co-Founder, Health5C Inc.

Good Health is Groundwork for all Happiness

Established in 2011, Health5C at present manages health of 2 million consumers on the platform. The company has developed a consumer centric healthcare technology platform that empowers consumers to manage health needs proactively, make informed choice about healthcare services & collaborate across providers & fellow consumers, conveniently. “We offer a multi-faceted approach to changing the way consumers/employees approach their health that includes developing a healthy workplace culture, forming trusted health advisor/employee relationships and providing quality and cost-effective local care options is key to establishing long-term, sustainable reductions in medical costs,” he mentions.

Committed to game-changing technologies that will make navigating healthcare choices simpler and more convenient, the company offers products that include SmartKlinic – a Telehealth Platform/Mobile Apps for Patients to TeleConsult with their Doctors/Providers, a Search Engine for Consumers to search a Doctor/Provider & book an Appointment for TeleConsulatation.Keepmefit – Cross Gaming Social Challenge App for Individuals/Corporate to create a challenge and invite their Friends/Employees and reward them at the end of the challenge, NtrustOne – a Master Patient Index Platform for enabling Patient Centric Population Health Management for Countries/Governmentsfront ended by mobile technology built on a highly scalable architecture.

With a current workforce of 50 which is expected to double in the coming quarter, Health5C has partners & clients in U.S., MEA, Southeast Asia & India who work with them to develop these products and help them in strategizing. A single comprehensive digital health platform to proactively manage help from people, Health5C in the next five years envisages being the largest healthcare company by number of lives managed on their platform. “Our target is to manage 250 million lives across geographies on our platform directly or indirectly. Digitize and Automate healthcare using artificial intelligence is our goal and that is the roadmap for next five years,” concludes MitishChitnavis, Founder, Health5c Inc. enthusiastically.

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